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furry convention

  1. Tani Coyote

    Las Vegas Fur Con - April 14-16, 2023

    When: April 14-16, 2023 Where: Alexis Park All-Suite Resort Las Vegas, Nevada Fourth time is the charm? As a local I'm hoping this succeeds. Las Vegas Fur Con (LVFC) is a new Las Vegas furry convention. It is run by local furs, with a board that is majority BIPOC, majority trans, and majority...
  2. zenmaldita

    PhiliFUR (Philippines) anyone going?

    Saw this new convention in my social media. Inquired for a booth to sell my art but since it's new I'm a bit hesitant. Does anyone know more about this? https://www.philifur.com/ https://twitter.com/PhiliFUR_Con https://www.facebook.com/PhiliFURCon
  3. K

    Furry Conventions in Kansas?

    Hello there! I am new to the fandom (still in the designing a fursona stage!) and was wondering if there were any Furry Conventions in Kansas? I know that there was one a few years ago but now I am not seeing anything? Thank you for your time!
  4. CubeyFromSpace

    Is PAWCon a good con?

    i live in california and the two closest furry conventions near me are further confusion and pawcon which are both in san jose, which is a little about an hour away from me. if all goes well this year i'm hoping maybe attend pawcon but i haven't heard much about it, it seems like a run of the...
  5. FluffyShutterbug

    AnthroCon 2019 Experiences Thread

    AnthroCon 2019 was a fucking BLAST! So, I thought that it'd be fun to hear about some of the experiences everybody had while there. My experience there? Hehee, I had a TON of firsts. First time meeting my boyfriend IRL, first time watching Zootopia, first time getting drunk... It was an AMAZING...
  6. zenmaldita

    Furry Pinas 2019 - my booth catalouge

    Hi there~ Any Filipinos here? I'll be selling art and merch at Furry Pinas 2019 June 8-9 Bayanihan Center, Pasig, Philippines booth #17 All prices will be in Philippine Peso If you're interested in the stuff but can't attend, do tell me! I'm planning to make an online shop with...
  7. MaBoiDameon


    hello! I will be going to AquatiFur in the Wisconsin dells this year. This will also be my first furry con. I don’t have a fursuit, but I am going to watch everything. Got any tips, or will you be going?
  8. C

    What do you do at a Furrycon

    Hello. I'm new to fur affinity. I'm also considering going to a Furry con. What is there at Furry con? I know people sell art and badges, but do they sell anything else? Also, what else besides buying/selling things goes on at Furry con? Is there anything I should avoid? Is there anything I...
  9. mean_yeen

    Scotiacon 2018/2019 + Fur Meets

    Hey! I'm not sure how many UK furs we have here, but is anyone going to Scotiacon either this year or next (I know it's a long way off lmao)? I unfortunately can't go this year but I am hopefully going next year and it would be cool to meet up with some people! I know NO furries outside of this...
  10. JUNEO

    Peeps going to Kemoket 7 in Tokyo? けもケット7行く人ー!!

    Hey everyone! Are there any furries making the trip to go to the Kemoket 7 convention in Tokyo at the end of April? I'm going to be a volunteer there (which I'm looking forward to, but scared because I've never been to a big convention and I'm not good at handling crowds in small spaces). If...
  11. Joshua Kaleb

    What’s the worst situation that had to go through at a furry convention?

    im not sure if this has ever been asked on here before but what’s the most awkward situation that you had to sit through at either a fur-meeting or furry convention in your life?

    If you came to a furry convention not dressed as a furry

    Oh no you've forgot your furry suit what are you going to do and you only have cosplay things from completely different things
  13. K

    Looking for 1 or 2 MFF(MidwestFurfest) 2017 Roommates

    Hey I'm looking for mff roommates for 2017. I'll be going this year. I'm nice, hygienic, friendly and, a night owl. And idk if I'd be going over to his room or his to mine but Kero the Wolf and I will be recording a musical collaboration for the fandom at mff. I hope that's ok on the chance kero...
  14. K

    Concerning Guests of Honor and their relation to conventions.

    So the other day, I was browsing a couple conventions local to me, when I happened upon one called Eurofurence. I was intrigued by it since I have a few furry friends that attend and it's a nice excuse to travel outside the US and see Europe. So I looked a bit further into it, and I happened...
  15. FelposGreen

    Croatia --> Hrvatska, meet furries!!

    This shall be in my language becuase I wanna atract someone from my Country Hrvatski furry ( čupavci ), ako niste znali imamo meetove u ZG svaki vikend, ima nas od svuda, Istra, Zagreb, Čakovec, Varaždin (me), Osijek... pa slobodno se javi, raspon naših godina je od 16 do neznam ni sad kud...
  16. swayde99

    CaliFur 2017

    Will anyone be attending Califur next year ^w^ ?
  17. Silver Wind34

    Advice for Cons

    Hello all, I will be going to my first con this year over at Midwes Fur Fest in Chicago. I see that they have finally released their programming schedule as well. Now I am going alone, no friends that I know will be there just me. So my questions for you all are these. 1. Fursuit: I do not...
  18. MintSolstice

    Fur Reality badge commissions! Only $10 pick up at the con!

    Badge commissions for Fur Reality! Headshots: $10 Bust:$15 Full body:$25 Can be digital or traditional! Laminated and everything! (If you are not going I am more than willing to ship them to you, but you must pay shipping!)
  19. Spacenerd77

    Any South Carolina Conventions?

    I'd like to go to a convention but can't afford a room and admission for my company and I. Does anyone know if there are any in South Carolina so that I wouldn't have to pay on a room? Preferably ones that allow minors.
  20. Entriquet

    Roommates for Califur 2016!

    I'm looking for 2-3 additional people to add to our room for Califur! We'll be staying at the main hotel for 3 days (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) and 2 nights (Friday, Saturday) Haven't had much luck finding more people so I thought I'd try my luck with the forums!