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furry conventions

  1. FluffyShutterbug

    AnthroCon 2019 Experiences Thread

    AnthroCon 2019 was a fucking BLAST! So, I thought that it'd be fun to hear about some of the experiences everybody had while there. My experience there? Hehee, I had a TON of firsts. First time meeting my boyfriend IRL, first time watching Zootopia, first time getting drunk... It was an AMAZING...
  2. TheFoxFreedom

    Serious Question: are furry conventions friendly? Is it a safe place peaple usually say it is?

    So, after seeing in twitter like "Stop having alcoholic commas. Sense guys, if you drink at the point to get a alcoholic comma, you shouldnt be at a furry convention" and it makes me so sad, to know a place that was supposed to be friendly, we have those kind of things. i didnt care at all, but...
  3. Silver Wind34

    Advice for Cons

    Hello all, I will be going to my first con this year over at Midwes Fur Fest in Chicago. I see that they have finally released their programming schedule as well. Now I am going alone, no friends that I know will be there just me. So my questions for you all are these. 1. Fursuit: I do not...
  4. Lea.Tigris

    As a non-fursuiter, do you feel like you missing out on something?

    I'm curious. As a part of the fandom, I have no desire to purchase or make a fursuit. But maybe some day if I am comfortable enough, I may check out a fur con. But to those who have been to many cons, do you feel like you're missing out on something at a convention without a fursuit? Or out of...