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furry fandom

  1. CalahooTheHyena

    Which anime VA would voice my hyena fursona?

    I’ve been curious about this!
  2. CalahooTheHyena

    Question about my fursonas!

    If I have my 2 fursonas date, does that count as selfcest? I feel like It’s selfcest since both characters are based off of me!
  3. ~Echolight~

    Hi, nice to meet you!

    Hello, I'm Echo! I've been interested in the furry fandom since early last year, and lurked on furry reddit multiple times. Today I'll finally make the leap into the fandom! Yay! I'm currently making my fursona, a red panda. I love video games, anime, drawing, reading, manga, playing piano...
  4. gabbo13

    Being furry and introvert

    I want to open this thread about how you benefited of being part of the furry fandom as an introvert. In my case I like this community, however I can hardly talk in whatever group I'm part of, whether is a Discord server or a group on Telegram. The only good is I have a few people who I talk...
  5. JT Bird

    The City That Barks And Roars - Animal Noir Novel OUT SOON

    Animals rule the world. They hit cafes for breakfast then nine to five at the office, and fritter away evenings at jazz clubs. But paradise is still a distant dream, for there are devils amongst the angels. Award-winning British comedian Jimmy Bird is releasing his debut novel on 1st...
  6. FluffyShutterbug

    There's Apparently A Furry Fandom Government Now

    I was just made aware of this Twitter page. Thoughts? The Furry Fandom Government (T.F.F.G) (@FurryGovernment) on Twitter
  7. depthjacks

    Doesnt "furry fan" sound better then "furry"?

    I never understood the grammar behind this. Why are we calling ourselfs the thing we are a fan of? Thats like calling myself a ps3, because im a big fan of said console. Do you see what i mean? Man, the internet does not like grammar.
  8. Vultark

    Any recommendations on Sin City-like graphic novels? Do they exist?

    I suppose what I'm asking is are there any 'best of the best' furry webcomics/graphic novels out there that are a must-read? I'm thinking of making one in a grounded/dark/Frank Miller way that would also be NSFW. Would there be any interest? Thanks! - Vultark
  9. halotato

    Unsupportive Friends and Wanting to be in the fandom again

    Hi there, forum people. I should give a little background: I used to openly be a furry in high school, drawing furry art in public, not denying being one, and all that stuff. I followed all the latest in the furry fandom and even drew for some people. I never had really any friends though...
  10. Reiv

    Gender Allocation in the Fandom

    I've been thinking a lot about this. Are there more boys in the fandom then girls? I've never been to a furry convention or anything like that so I don't know about that. I really hope I don't start a fire in this thread....
  11. PercyD

    What is Consent to you? -- Furry Kinky Spaces verses Mainstream Kinky Spaces...

    Heres a thing that's been inching my scalp for awhile... Furry fandom, in it's kinky spaces, it very much unlike other kinky spaces. Looking strictly at furry fandom's kinky spaces, there doesn't seem to be a strong culture of consent here in the furry community that exists as common protocol...
  12. XeronaArt

    Badge Commissions Open!

    BADGE COMMISSIONS I have badges and other types of commissions open! The badges are $40+ depending on the amount of detail you want and other accessories on your fursona. PLEASE FILL OUT COMMISSION INQUIRIES HERE! It makes things easier for me c: If you have any questions please message me...
  13. G

    Words and things this fandom has ruined

    Okay I can’t be the only that has had some words and things ruined by the fandom right?
  14. D

    Any furries in Lodi Northern California?

    Any furries in Northern Lodi, California
  15. Angellothefox

    NSFW Can someone draw Crystal Fire (EDITED)

    So the last time I posted this I got a bit too carried away and a bit too descriptive. So I will leave it at I am looking for some FREE art for Crystal fire PM me if you're interested in doing me some. Crystal Fire's ref sheet www.furaffinity.net: Crystal Fires ref sheet by Angellothefox
  16. ChapterAquila92

    Anthros meet the Furry Fandom. What Happens?

    Spinning off of another thread revolving around what would happen if we encountered anthropomorphic animals IRL, one topic brought up in that discussion was the impact such an encounter would have regarding the Fandom itself. As a writer who has an interest in what might happen in that scenario...
  17. JoeStrike

    My first podcast (Also, "buy the book, get the comic free!")

    I did my first podcast ever, on this past Saturday night's "FurCast.fm" to talk about Furry Nation, which is just a little over 2 weeks away from its print publication. If you want to give it a listen, you can download it at Furry Trafficking | FurCast I made a spur-of-the-moment offer on the...
  18. ChapterAquila92

    Psychology Today Article About Furries

    I recently stumbled across this article in my facebook feed, courtesy of a fellow fur.
  19. The Wise Furry


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