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furry fiction

  1. JT Bird

    The City That Barks And Roars - Animal Noir Novel OUT SOON

    Animals rule the world. They hit cafes for breakfast then nine to five at the office, and fritter away evenings at jazz clubs. But paradise is still a distant dream, for there are devils amongst the angels. Award-winning British comedian Jimmy Bird is releasing his debut novel on 1st...
  2. JT Bird

    The Essential Titles

    As relative newbie to the furry world.. What you say is essential reading? What are the 'bibles' of animal fiction, beyond the classics and obvious..?? Cheers Jimmy
  3. Lawkbutt


    Does anybody else remember this book series called Catwings? I barely remember it being read to me when I was a child, and I thought it would be interesting to discuss here. It's about a litter of kittens who are born with wings and are able to fly. Here's the wikipedia page for it.