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furry meet

  1. R

    Furries of Washington?

    Hello, I'm new to the fandom and I'm happy to be here but disappointed to see that I couldn't find ANY furry events in Spokane or even Washington. I've tried FA, Facebook, and tried googling it too, with no luck. I'd try twitter but I seem to have a problem setting up an account. I also noticed...
  2. FelposGreen

    Croatia --> Hrvatska, meet furries!!

    This shall be in my language becuase I wanna atract someone from my Country Hrvatski furry ( čupavci ), ako niste znali imamo meetove u ZG svaki vikend, ima nas od svuda, Istra, Zagreb, Čakovec, Varaždin (me), Osijek... pa slobodno se javi, raspon naših godina je od 16 do neznam ni sad kud...