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  1. Furvok

    (Commission) Selling: ($50+) Bust commission!! [Flat: $55 Fullcolor: $70] <3

  2. Sinilga

    (Commission) Selling: COMMISSIONS ARE OPEN! | $40-$90

    Hello everyone, I'm Sinilga (≧▽≦) I am a digital furry and people artist. At the moment, I have opened the commissions. There are two slots available now. More of my works can be viewed on my page on FА: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/sinilga/ COMMISSION INFO: ● I try to finish the work as...
  3. Captain Starbark

    My 3Dmodel OC: Hayami (Furry/Human fox girl)

    Hayami, She's a foxy priestess living in a temple located in a foggy forest. She's also a hermit living in her peaceful world, leads a carefree life without bothers from the outside world. Until one day an occurrence shattered her quiet routine. spacial perk: She can switch her form. (I have...
  4. Captain Starbark

    3D model of My OC: Komi (FurryCatGirl)

    Ahoy, I'm Captain Starbark. I'm a 3D generalist who likes to create OC characters. feel free to tell me if they match your test, or advice for improvement. Komi Her appearance design is base on a rare leopard cat. Big eyes, blond hair & eyebrow, long teeth, and full of fur. character setting...
  5. AkatsuriTaro

    [ISO] Gamer friends! [Read Thread!]

    I'm looking for friends who play Minecraft java edition! I run a server and small furry-friendly community and I want to reach a paw out to everyone here! I also post my arts and stuff on my discord community! We also take freebie requests directly through the discord itself. Server spoiled below!
  6. A

    (Commission) Need Emergency Income- Art Starting at $7 and within 48 hrs

    I need income for our new internet being set up for a new work from home job (bills of course too) and don't really have a selection of samples to 100% reassure you as the customer, so hence the "fast come fast go" prices. They will be mostly lineart and flat coloring. If I'm inspired by your...
  7. Littleranft

    (Commission) Selling: ($25+) Ranft’s rad renderings!

    Hello there Forum friends, I’m Ranft and I love to draw and currently open for commissions! I do sfw and nsfw alike. Commission queue My current turnaround time is between 1-7 days depending on a few factors. Terms of Service Price list Gallery I’m also posting a few examples here, and I’ll...
  8. Alien8_ed

    (Commission) Selling: ($5+) $10-$70 || NSFW/GORE OK || EMERGENCY (ish) COMMISSIONS

    Hi, a friend of mine currently owes $400 in medical bills and has to pay a minimum of $50 by Tuesday (20 Jul). They do not have the means to pay the money due to their home situation and I'd like to help them out. Paypal only, please. I will draw: - NSFW -Gore -SFW -Light fetishes -Furries...
  9. berry

    Hello! Hello! Hello!

    What’s going on, everybody! My name is Berry! I’ve been active on FA for a few months and decided to join the forum a few weeks ago! I’m a game developer and writer from the U.S. My sona is a panda who’s also the mascot for my studio. I love getting commissions and YCHs made of him! My username...
  10. May_Month

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: [sale] unicorns, dragon and centaur deer [20$-45$]

    https://www.furaffinity.net/view/42572306/ https://www.furaffinity.net/view/42722929/ https://www.furaffinity.net/view/42385716/
  11. J

    [OPEN]Closed-species, Pupikyu with rare traits and a mutation[$25-40]

    Crossposted! Hi!! I'm selling my Pupikyu, they are part of closed species, on Instagram. They have rare traits and a mutation! Just want them to go to a good home instead of sitting in my toyhouse. https://www.instagram.com/pupikyus/ Up top is a the link to Pupikyu page so you can see what...
  12. marwmellow

    (Commission) Selling: ($75+) Last commission! (NSFW, ecchi, SFW) ($69+)

    Hello! I have one commission slot left, after which I will go on a long break. Write to me and let's get a great art for the last time. https://www.furaffinity.net/user/marwmellow/ https://www.deviantart.com/marwmellow
  13. Darknessis

    Free Art: lottery - Bodyshot or YCH

    ✧✧ The winner receives a Bodyshot or Ych of your choice (from the ych available on the page)! Example - https://www.furaffinity.net/view/33917794/ ✧ How to enter: 1. Watch me. People who will un-watch me after the lottery is over will be banned for future lottery participation. 2. Add to...
  14. ThiccPinkPunkGoddess

    Hiring: ($15+) Punk Bunny Looking to be Drawn!

    How's it going? So I'm back in the market to look for artists that have the style I'm looking for to do some more art of my fursona. I have a punky tan rabbit that I have a few pieces for but I am looking for more. From simple arts as well as a little lewder, I want to continue on her expansion...
  15. KitsuneMaster20

    CanisChiroptera's Ultimate Extended Real Animal/Anthro Generator

    Title(s): Canon/Story: Name: Species: Age: Height: Weight: Walking: Blood Type: Birth Date: Personality: Occupation/interest: Birthplace: Current Home Location: Clothes: Clothes Accessories: Hairstyle: Theme: Special Tropes Detailed Back-story: Trivia: Feel free to use this...
  16. F

    Prince Edward Island furs?

    I was just wondering if there was any furries on PEI, Canada, or if I’m just the only one -w-
  17. CaptainCandyass

    Hiring: ($75+) NSFW Commission (Genderswap/"PinUp") [CLOSED]

    Just a forewarning, if you don't have experience drawing Furries, Females or Semen you have less chances of being selected. Kinks required to be drawn May ask for an additional copy with an excessive amount of cum on her Contact Me Discord #Zak5090 Userpage of CaptainCandyass -- Fur Affinity...
  18. Furvok

    (Commission) Selling: Sahlarei open commission [Semi-realistic, anime] [Humans, furry] [Bust, fullbody, headshot, halfbody, etc!] <3

    Hi! My artist Sahlarei has open commission! We would love to work with you No examples of furry anime style at the moment.
  19. Michel96M

    (Commission) Selling: ($15+) Semirealistic Lineless commission 20$ - 130$

    SFW or NSFW Status: OPEN Note me on FA https://www.furaffinity.net/user/diaztony/ 20 $ - bust + simple background (Full rendered, lineless) 30 $ - half body (3\4) + simple background (Full rendered, lineless) 40 $ - half body (3\4) + complex background (Full rendered, lineless) 60 $ -...
  20. Vandclash

    (Commission) Selling: ($5+) Commissions are open with DISCOUNT! Until July 14th

    Term of services