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  1. CuteVixen

    Questions about fursuit whiskers

    Hi! just out of curiosity, I have some questions about fursuit whiskers since I plan on making a cat fursuit (who is an oc and not a fursona) as my second fursuit :> I was wondering what materials are made for fursuit whiskers? Has anyone made them with scoubi strings before? Is scoubi strings...
  2. foxyonmolly

    Limitless Open Commissions! Headshot, Half Body and Full Body + stickers

    Commissions are open under the following prices! Headshot - $10 Half Body - $20 Full Body - $30 Sticker prices are negotiated based on demand. NSFW versions have a price markup which can be discussed and negotiated in PMs. Can do both colorized and B&W offers, for B&W we can negotiate...
  3. F1uffy.Chips

    Free Ref sheet?

    Hi!Can somebody do a ref sheet of Ruby? If you can i will want a feral form of her and a anthro form of her. Can you also do more angles of her?I will also like if you give her a bandada around her neck, and headphones for her accessories.I will also like if you put her info on the side or...
  4. F1uffy.Chips

    Is there any custom fursuit makers?

    Hi! I just want to know if there are any custom fursuit makers. I am planning on getting a fursuit and I want my fursuit to look like my fursona!If you know any custom fursuit maker send a link to they're site! Thank you :D
  5. F1uffy.Chips

    Cheap and Quick fursuit maker?

    Are there any fursuit makers that can make tooney partials relatively quickly, and for a less-expensive price?I don't really have a lot money to buy a normal fursuit and i really want to know if there are a cheap and quick fursuit maker
  6. Mora The Epic

    Furry React !

    What's you're personal opinion on Furry React YouTube videos ?
  7. perkky

    Advice for a beginner fursuit maker??

    I'm making a fursuit over spring break and I need advice. (also does anyone know what the fursuit head base is made out of?? and what its called??)