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  1. Xyulihanx

    Have a drawing of my Sona!

    Here is the post if you'd like to see it! https://www.furaffinity.net/view/49252076/
  2. V

    Art Trade: Help me practice! Art trade // 2 slots open (2/4)

    Hello! I'm Vanily and i'm new into the furry community but been drawing furry characters for years and would like to practice drawing more species and cute sonas since cute stuff is the best i can draw so, if you are interested contact me! (SFW only, for now!) I'll leave here an example of how...
  3. Hati_Fenris

    Trying to create a better fursona.

    So this is my first ever fursona ever since I joined the furry community, my fursona is a red coloured wolf (inspired from a real Mexican red wolf) and his name is Hati Fenris. Problem is, not only are there thousands of wolves in the fandom, but Hati doesn't feel original and unique to me yet...
  4. CommissionsNOW

    Thinking of creating my first Fursona. Thoughts?

    Hello, I've been thinking of making a sona for myself called Snow. They'll be white with a very pale accent color like blue or gray for example. It's my first time making one for myself. Since I don't really have a sense of self and have Aphantasia I'm looking for some input. How do you guys...
  5. Stray Cat Terry

    Terry 'Stray'

    --- Name: Terry 'Stray' Insert last name here (Last name is null unless taking its master's last name, being family and stuff) Age: 21 Sex: "If I fitz, I iz it." (Translation = You guess?) Species: random domestic cat "Seriously, I have no idea. Who cares..." Height: < 170 cm (feet to head)...
  6. Tekashi96

    Anyone need a commission??

    im broke as shit and willing to draw your sona, I love doing explicit work and my prices start lowwwww
  7. P

    Help the novice

    Hello. I need help to create a fursona, especially I need artist, who will help me with reference. And sorry if my English will be awfull.
  8. Keick Butt

    Commissions open - Fursona - mechas - humans - demons - NSFW <3

    Hello, if you are interested, send me a message with love <3 Mail- jbrendosaldanha@gmail.com Payments only Paypal after finish job.
  9. cupcake_dafox

    Can somebody draw me, or my baby (maybe both together)

    Hi!I just wanted to see if anyone would like to draw me, my baby or both of use together!I will be really grateful if you do. I will like cupcake (my fursona above) to have his hoodie on!He is a fox.Pm for his info I will like him to do anthro or feral (her old ref) (Fursona now) This is...
  10. mixpomdog

    Can somebody draw my friend?

    Hi! I was wondering if anyone can draw my friend! I would like him to be in feral form! heres a picture of him i tried to draw Light blue, blue stripes on back. Has a ice eye(lighter blue) and a fire eyes(orange) Name: Jay Species: Cat/Wolf Hybrid Gender:Male Age:16 Likes:Music, sleeping...
  11. mixpomdog

    Free Ref sheet?

    Hi!Can somebody do a ref sheet of Ruby? If you can i will want a feral form of her and a anthro form of her. Can you also do more angles of her?I will also like if you give her a bandada around her neck, and headphones for her accessories.I will also like if you put her info on the side or...
  12. mixpomdog

    Is there any custom fursuit makers?

    Hi! I just want to know if there are any custom fursuit makers. I am planning on getting a fursuit and I want my fursuit to look like my fursona!If you know any custom fursuit maker send a link to they're site! Thank you :D
  13. mixpomdog

    Can somebody draw me and my boyfriend together?

    Hi! I just want to know if anybody can draw me and my boyfriend together cause its about to be 2 years of being together! I really want him to like a gift i will give him!Me and him are both furries and our sonas are wolves!(Also it needs to be free cause i am poor at the moment XD) This is...
  14. K


    Im looking for a very good artist to draw my fursona since I am very bad at drawing myself.
  15. perkky

    Fursona Species??

    I wanna have a fursona that's a cool species but, something I like. Ideas ------ o Wolf o Sergal o Fox any other ideas?? I'm lost e-e