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fursona art

  1. N

    (Commission) Selling: Cheap commissions

    Hi loves! I want to get more involved with this community and art! I am new to this site but I’ve been an artist for over 8 years now, I would love to make some art for you all! My prices are fairly cheap for an artist but for extra charge I can make stickers, canvases, framed art, tapestries...
  2. Disotter

    (Commission) Selling: Cute Chibi Sona Commissions! (3 slots available)

    Hi there! I'm Disotter, your local clumsy otter >///< I have 3 slots available for chibi commissions of your sona! <3 (or any other character you'd like me to draw) Here are some examples of what I'm offering: Price range starting at $50 for full body full color <3 (Payments via PayPal...
  3. D

    Your sona then vs. your sona now

    Post pics or describe your earliest design of your sona followed by the present version they are now. Here are mine
  4. KodiJaxx

    (Commission) Selling: ($15+) Commisions Open, 10 slots ($10- 35 base)

    I am taking slots for sketch, line art, full colored (Head, half or Full body ) and NSFW commissions right now. Adoptable Ferals and Fursonas will be available soon. I will do: Vore Feral Cryptids Furry Non Furry Mecha Gore $5 Discount for Cryptids and Ferals. If you would like to see my...
  5. tamako_does_art

    latest digital art : halloween twik art!

    hey everyone i just finished this fully shaded piece of my main fursona twik thee lil' mouse . this year she went trick or treating for me (cause lockdown) as chuky from the movie franchie (first one when his clothes aren't teared up yet) isn't she adorable? anyways i loved drawing her because...
  6. espurrs

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: (OPEN) Selling A High Quality Coyote Character for around $100

    Hello there! I'm trying to get rid of my old fursona, Midi. I no longer want to be associated with her, as she does not bode well with me anymore. You can view her here: https://toyhou.se/1157548.midi/gallery *YOU MUST BE LOGGED INTO TOYHOUSE TO VIEW THE SEXUAL CONTENT, THIS IS JUST AN EXTRA...
  7. pascalthepommie

    (Commission) Selling: Cheap Commissions starting at $8 icons

    Hey friends and furries! I recently opened up my commissions and I thought I would share my sheet on here to expand who I'm offering them to <3 Things I won't draw: Non-consensual acts Sexual content involving underage furries Zoophilia Other than that I am open for commissions! If you have a...
  8. Suri

    Which version is better? owo [edit lol] XD

    Welcome <3 owo❗ Today I bring you a small update of my fursona, initially it was going to look like this www.furaffinity.net: Suri by suri6 But ... I wanted to draw it again and I couldn't do it the same. You see I have a hard time drawing furrys, I have always drawn people and now that I...
  9. HJW1712

    Request: A request...

    I am not sure if this is against the rules of this sub-forum or not, if it is i will be happy to retract the post. Also this may also be frowned upon by people, but i am not begging for anything im just simply asking. I was wondering if any creators out there would be able to create a fursona...
  10. Pinkporro

    Sona help?

    eurg here we go, so i am trying to draw my sona but i only get this far, cant seem to get the head good neither the hair,... head is suposed to be a gentle cat and hair suposed to be long , half head shaven kinda way. but i just cant seem to get it good, can someone plzz help me figure out a...
  11. Pinkporro

    Would someone be i terested to try and draw Nyritt my fox / cat fursona ?

    Hi i am new to this and cant seem to find anny creativity to draw myself my fursona so i was wodering iff someone would like to give it a try ^,..,^ To start of here are some basic traits id like. Name: Nyritt Species: fox / cat hybrid Gender: female Ears: small Eyes: purple/green Hair: long...
  12. ZanyAngel28

    *pokes u all*

    Heya everyone! I’m new to this but I want to get to know people and there fursonas which is why I’m here! Also to get my artwork out there into the world. I go by Zany or ZanyAngel and I hope I get to know all of u more! Don’t be afraid to message. This is my FA link so u can watch me if u...
  13. ZanyAngel28

    Sketchbook: ZanyAngel28's Artwork

  14. Silvie

    [Fursona] My quiet place

    Hey all, this is a very personal piece and I believe it's the first art I'm 100% happy with since... forever?!? - It's my sona Sylvie in her garden, I was inspired by an interview with David Bowie where he says that you must make art for you, art that resonates with you, and I was neglecting...
  15. Sabstar

    (Base/YCH) Selling: YCH Animal Crossing Character Cards $20

    Hey all! It's been a long time since I did any work here as I'm a Tattoo Artist by career - but I'd love to take on some themed commissions while I've got all this lockdown time. It's the first time I've been free in years! I'm offering AC character cards for $20. This'll be a limited time...
  16. Z

    Hiring: New to being a furry, looking for someone who can help draw my fursona. Willing to pay up to 50 (clo

    Hello everyone! My Name is Zach and im reletivly new to all of this. I cant draw even a little bit and was hoping to commision someone to draw my first fursona! For details feel free to friend me on discord Zinc142#7075 But basics are this, im a Red Panda, short and young looking, blonde hair...
  17. N

    Request: Can someone please draw my fursona?..

    I really REALLY haven't been feeling the greatest as of late and I need help cheering up.. + I can't afford commissions. SFW only please...
  18. Toxicity

    Request: Need Help Drawing my Fursona (Fullbody)

    I Am Trying To Create My Fursona Neater But i Cant Get it Just Right, i keep trying 24/7 and been watching videos on making one but i just dont know If Anyone Can Help i will be grateful and any video tips to help me will aslo be great Type:Fox Theme:RadioActive Colours: Black Or Grey, Green...
  19. Beetle the Minty Dragon

    Free Adoptable Fursona

    Hello! I drew a mouse fursona, but I didn't really grow attached to her. You may change her design if you wish. DM me for the transparent version without my signature!
  20. Beetle the Minty Dragon

    Gender Help for Sona

    I made art of a fursona that I've been thinking of for a while. Their name is Nettle! But, I can't figure out what their gender would be. Any suggestions?