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fursona badge

  1. Willow the Wolf

    What can you draw on the original MS Paint?

    So, spontaneously, I decided to see whether the original version of MS Paint was online. And it is!! Here it is: https://jspaint.app/#local:e0839cbf7457 This took me about three hours, I'd say. I wanted to see what I could create, and since I'm obsessed with badges, I made myself one! I did...
  2. A

    COMMISSIONS // Badges, ref sheets, and more OH MY!

    Heylo there, my name is AMPnn and I am a professional graphic designer with free time on his paws. I also do illustration work, so I am here to find some people that may want to pick up some con badges and reference sheets in time for any upcoming conventions. If you want to see more examples...
  3. P

    Cross Stitch Badges - Open Comissions

    What I am offering are one of a kind, (totally unique!) hand stitched, physical badges! My badges are all original patterns. No one badge is ever recolored for someone else. Badges are a three step process - from original art, to personally converted pattern (no auto software here!), to stitched...
  4. CoolCoolSkies

    Fursona Badge Commission Sale!

    So about the badge: a printed piece of your character on a custom background and laminated, with a hole punch for a lanyard (which you will also get) The badges will be about 4.5-5 inches. Price: -One character: $25 w/shipping -Two characters: $45 w/shipping Can only ship to those in the US...