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fursona character

  1. Fluffnstuff

    Who wants to help me create a fursona based on my personality? ♡

    Hiii! I'm bored with with my old fursona so i thought i'd see what creative ideas other ppl might be able to conjure up with my personality. :3 Can be any animal btw!! Idc if it's a basic animal too just whatevah comes to mind first! My personality consists of me being a fairly antisocial/shy...
  2. DoeDog

    Artist, 40, long time furry, no fursona, help me change that.

    A little backstory, long time artist/furry, even longer time lurker, I barely interact with anyone because I'm not shy I'm just not really sociable, but I'm taking baby steps to change that. I like the furry community, there's tons of things to like, finally my town furry community is finally...
  3. frannyboy

    Free Art: Taking bust requests! (2 slots remaining!)

    So I took a break because I wanted to try out a new art style and I got this! So to practice, I'm gonna open 6 slots (one which is already reserved for @Cosmic Kosmo, please let me know if this style is ok!!) 1. @Cosmic Kosmo 2. @julievee I love her I'm totally drawing her <3 3. @FluffahRex <3...
  4. wildfirewolf123

    Hyena/Canine Adoptables for Sale!

    Are you looking for your very own hyena or canine character? Want a new one? Then come on down! You can see my Etsy store here: www.etsy.com: by WildfireArtServices I am currently selling four hyena/canine adoptable characters for $15CAD
  5. ThefriendlyFurry

    Request: Turn me into to a Furry!

    Okay so for the past few years I've been using the sa,e fursona my lovingly thick and manly fox, but it got me thinking; I'm not really like a fox. So to see what happens i, gonna do a little request, I'm gonna tell you a little about me then I'm gonna post 2 selfies. I want an artist to take...
  6. TheShadowCreeper

    Name My Fursona!

    Hello! I am seeking some name requests for my angel dragon fursona, I've had her for 6 years and since I've bought commission art for her I thought she should have a name:p she's mainly white, she's small and very shy picture : sta.sh: Dutchie Lineart (art by LoveyPidovey, it's only lineart)
  7. RayFloret

    Help me pick a fursona? ;w;

    Hi everyone! I'm trying to come up with a fursona for myself...but I feel pretty stumped! There are so many choices! I know I'd like it to be an omnivore and digitigrade (walks on toes). Larger than a fox or Lab but smaller than, say, an elephant. I had pawed mammals in mind, but I'm still open...
  8. Orana


    So I'd just like some opinions on my recent dilemna... I've proudly stuck by my sona for a couple years, on and off (I don't RP all the time), but the main reason I was happy with the Bakeneko/Nekomata sona I chose, was because it fit well into a long-standing RP group I was a part of. Now...
  9. F

    Do you make animals sounds connected to your fursona?

    Usually when I'm really excited about something or really turned on I can't contain my canine side and make high pitched yipe sounds. That or ruff out loud, mostly in private though. >_>
  10. Grimm Hund

    Fursona vs Characters

    I've begun growing a list of characters used in one medium or another. I have characters created into art so I can visualize them as I write stories of them. I know entire groups unite people based around their fursona, but I'm not sure which crowd I fall into.