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fursona creation

  1. DoeDog

    Artist, 40, long time furry, no fursona, help me change that.

    A little backstory, long time artist/furry, even longer time lurker, I barely interact with anyone because I'm not shy I'm just not really sociable, but I'm taking baby steps to change that. I like the furry community, there's tons of things to like, finally my town furry community is finally...
  2. Alyx_0_0

    Help Me Make A New Sona?

    Hey! I'm not exactly new here but I've been gone for a long time. In that time a lot of things have happened in my life. I lost friends, almost lost best friends, made new friends, and even dated someone amazing! Unfortunately, that relationship didn't last long but they never seem to anyway so...
  3. rainsku

    Advice On Designing First Fursona?

    I've finally decided the species for my fursona; I'd like her to be a deer! However, once I sit down to draw her, I find myself at a loss for what she should look like. I've been drawing digitally for a while, but this is first character I've designed by myself. I'm having a lot of trouble...
  4. RayFloret

    Help me pick a fursona? ;w;

    Hi everyone! I'm trying to come up with a fursona for myself...but I feel pretty stumped! There are so many choices! I know I'd like it to be an omnivore and digitigrade (walks on toes). Larger than a fox or Lab but smaller than, say, an elephant. I had pawed mammals in mind, but I'm still open...
  5. Porcelain96

    I need help creating a fursona!

    I’ve had an idea for a fursona in my head for YEARS. I even have some art saved that I want to take inspiration from, to describe certain things about my fursona. I know her overall style, & species, & I have a lot of ideas for her otherwise, but I am having a hard time getting it together...