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fursona discussion

  1. f3nnztar


    share ur sparkledog sonas!! ill start off with mine x3 this is dex!!! hes a big silly :3
  2. Unknownusa

    I need some help in getting things in order

    So, I was in a state of denial for quite some time now (I mean TECHNICALLY you can't call someone a furry just because he has a FA account and likes furry art, right? That's totally average *nervous laughter*) but now i am kind of interested in making a fursona. Problem is, I couldn't define...
  3. Pompadork

    Your Appearance VS Your Sonas!

    They often say people look like their dogs but do people also look like their fursonas? Post one or two pictures of yourself and then one or two of your sona! Maybe you didn’t intend for them to look similar but others can see some similarities! Maybe you’ve got the same hair or fashion sense...
  4. L

    Is my character "Cringey" ?

    Is my character cringey ? Should I make a less cringey one ? Do you think your fursonas are cringey ?
  5. C

    My fursona is now complete

    Thanks to artist you can now say hello to a fursona I have simply named. His personality is kinda reminiscent of Han Solo in the sense he's a sarcastic and cynical type but isn't as self interested.
  6. stormhawk27

    Help Me Pick My Fursona Species

    Hi everyone, I have been struggling to settle on a species for my fursona for a while now. I was hoping you all might be able to give me some suggestions based on my personality. I am: Introverted Practical and brutally honest, which gets me in trouble sometimes Can come off as cold or...
  7. sharprealmcomics

    Im the only one of my kind: Rooster -Cluck* bak*

    Their's a bunch of *cluck* Fursonas that are *bak* rare or even un heard of... but just 1.... I strutted far and wide on FA for other's and only found 2 Hens. XD That's just *cluck* Fowl~!
  8. D

    New to this area

    Hello all! So, I've been around as an art-watcher and forum and blogs reader for quite a while, and all through my wanderings here and there I developed ideas and thoughts about a fursona of myself. The major things that I'm having troubles deciding (and the main one preventing me from moving on...
  9. PyrestoneAtelier

    Buying a First Time Fursona

    Hey there, I'm not new to the furry fandom as I've been lurking since 2008, and I have some friends who have been furries/fursuiting for years, but after attending my first fur con this weekend I decided to bite the bullet and join the fandom officially. The reason why I never really joined...
  10. AlleycatIrony

    show me pics of your fursona!

    my fursona is a border collie w/ ragdoll cat characteristics (personality, tail) his name is liam and he's mute and hangs out w/ a bunch of horses he's not naturally pink, he's white and brown in colouration but has dyed his fur - he sometimes wears extensions in his hair
  11. Skull Beast

    Critique my Sona?

    Just wondering what you guys thought of my sona. She's a sassy, mischevious, punk vernid(species by LiLaiRa) named Jinx. She's edgy af and loves skulls and spooky stuff. She is a beast tamer and loves big, toothy monsters. Here's what she looks like, tell me what you think of her design...
  12. ARandomGwen

    Help making my first Fursona?

    Heya! I've been a huge fan of furry art and characters for a decent bit of my life and have slowly been trying to find my fursona and really my place in the community XD. However its kinda hard figuring out what I want for my fursona and I was wondering if I could have some help or tips. I...
  13. 2

    I need help with art.

    I can't draw really the best I do is stick figure cartoons and sometimes those aren't good. It's my first fursona and I just want it to represent me as a wolf. White fur with purple highlights. I love gaming, music editing and video editing, I am a big tech guy, sometimes lol. Anyway if you...
  14. spaceybrains

    Rate my fursona

    They are agender deer who likes video games, drawing, and sleeping in www.furaffinity.net: that me by spaceybrains
  15. TomVaporeon

    Community opinions on markings and colours

    Well, I'm designing a non-pokémon character, and I, like most folks, would like to spice it up a little and add a few markings - just a bit of red here and there in a specific pattern on a mostly grey character. Now my question is, how far do you, the community, find such markings okay, not...
  16. F

    Hybrid Fursona?

    Hi, I'm relatively new to the fandom and I've been trying to find my fursona, but I'm having a little trouble. I was wondering what others thought about hybrids? Are they ok? Are people who feel their fursona is a hybrid any less of a furry? I was also hoping for a little advice on finding my...
  17. Dyrra

    So, a query about designing.

    I'm designing my first fursona and due to being out of practice for a few years I'm having the hardest time drawing anthros. Would it be the worst idea in the world to use a base as a starting point?
  18. Jase the Fox

    Can someone draw me a Fursona?

    Hi, I'm new to the fandom and i have been drawing quite a lot, however i wanted to get myself my own professional fursona however the problem is i have very little money £2.50 ($3) to be exact is anyone willing to draw a free fursona for me or for that much sorry that i sound a bit like a dick...
  19. DumbDeerGurl

    I was wondering something?

    Once in a while I like to play a game called Guild Wars 2, and my main character that I play is a Revanent female Charr. I was wondering if I could have that as a fursona as well. I already have 2, but can game characters be fursona's? And can I have fursona's that are the opposite gender of me?
  20. Swizzle Valcar

    I have a new fursona idea...

    Lately, I've been thinking about making a new fursona, and I want him to be a bear. What do you think? Any idea on what e might look like? I'd love to hear what you think!