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fursona introduction

  1. tokumetalfox

    Got a commision of my fursona

    Art is by Keronichi check out their stuff here- Keronichi More details about him/me here- Sona If you would like to know anything specific ask in the comments
  2. E

    I did the thing! (bio form)

    Finally got off my ass and wrote out my 'sona. It's rather (read: ridiculously) long. Since I can't draw for shit, I was a bit more explicit in the appearance section than most just in case I end up commissioning art for her at some point. I tried to separate things out so it's easier to get...
  3. Mr. Moonlight

    My first persona project (need help/suggestions)

    Hello, everyone. :1 Some time ago an user suggested me to make a fursona, so I searched some things and decided to do it, just for fun. :) I'm not drawing it yet, and maybe I'll just do an chibi version for it (I'm not very good in doing characters and stuff, but very nice on doing some...
  4. J

    Kangaroo union : 3

    The title says it all : if you got any kangaroo characters that youwanna share, bring 'em all here :p #kangaroo_fan
  5. Aoide

    My First Fursona

    Hello Eveyone ! I'm new to this site and I'm new to drawing furries~ So today I made my first Fursona! His name is Aoide and I wanted to know what you guys think of him~ Updated Version~ To suit my new art
  6. Nautilus_Roe

    Meet Roe

    I realized that yall probs don't know my sona. Allow me to fix that! Name: Roe Age: 13 Sex: Female Species: Nautilus Fox (I put far to much work into this species RIP) Height: A smallish dog? Like 1 and 1/2 feet (she's a feral) Weight: ???? Like? How do???? Appearance: She usually looks a...
  7. Vince_Werewolf

    My fursona

    Greetings to all: Here's my fursona: Name: Vince Age: 14 Sex: Male Species: Werewolf Height: ~170 cm Weight: ~63 kg Appearance: - Fur: Ranges of gray - Markings: Two faint scar streaks at the top of right wrist - Eye color: Dark blue Behavior and Personality: Tries to maintain composure most...
  8. KimButt

    Anyone want to judge my Fursona?

    Ref + info found here: http://k1m--butt.deviantart.com/art/Fursona-Kim-full-reference-601477764 Would anyone want to judge her I guess?
  9. PandashK

    What do you think so far?

    I'm trying to figure out my fursona - yes, i'm new into the fandom -, I'll do a cleaner version and give him a name later but let me know what do you think so far :D P.S, I know my user is incoherent with the 'sona, it's just because an inner joke with a friend lol
  10. NerdyMunk

    Secondary Character Intro - Harold Tuft.

    I'm not sure if this thread does character intros anymore, but here's mine - Harold Tuft - Reference(s) done by DuckyDeathly. - Here is his main page - - And his mature NSFW reference - And believe me, I know what he looks like, but he is not a femboy, at one point he was drawn with boobs, NSFW...