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fursona reference

  1. Levi_KAZ

    (Commission) Selling: Ref Sheet Commissions [€70] SFW/NSFW

    I am currently OPEN for three commission slots! :) The base price is €70 for feral and €80 for anthro, for which you get two fullbody images of your character (back and front OR both sides) and a headshot. Color palette and info are ALWAYS included IF person so desired! They are of no cost...
  2. Porcelain96

    I need help creating a fursona!

    I’ve had an idea for a fursona in my head for YEARS. I even have some art saved that I want to take inspiration from, to describe certain things about my fursona. I know her overall style, & species, & I have a lot of ideas for her otherwise, but I am having a hard time getting it together...
  3. 2DFIEND

    I finally made my first official fursona! Any suggestions?

    I am super proud of how she turned out!!!!!! She's my first ever fursona AND I??? love her so far ;;;;; Do you guys have any suggestions on what I can do better next time?????? I would totally love suggestions! Here's her bio anyway if any of you care to know:
  4. Pompadork

    Making The Best Reference Sheets

    Im finally gonna try to make a ref sheet for unnamed emo cow and I need some inspo! Post some of your favorite ref sheets or your own! And as an added bonus question: what do you personally feel like you should have other than the obvious picture of them? Their gender/sexuality? Their...
  5. Yanixter

    Story Trade for Ref of my fursona

    Hey guys! I'm new here at Forums and well it's my first time also at FurAffinity for a couple of days. For anyways, I've been looking artists who are accepting requests but I do want a trade for reference of my fursona, which is a fox, name Trevor - Which doesn't have one, and I really want his...