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fursona request possible trade

  1. Jase the Fox

    Can someone draw me a Fursona?

    Hi, I'm new to the fandom and i have been drawing quite a lot, however i wanted to get myself my own professional fursona however the problem is i have very little money £2.50 ($3) to be exact is anyone willing to draw a free fursona for me or for that much sorry that i sound a bit like a dick...
  2. Closer-To-The-Sun

    Looking for artist(s) to draw characters

    Hello all. I'm seeking someone to draw my five main characters for a story I'm working on. Since my artistic talent is almost non-existent (there is some, but not what I want for this), I'm seeking out and hoping someone would be interested in taking part. It can just be simple sketches, or...
  3. Closer-To-The-Sun

    Seeking artist to draw my fursona (possible trade?)

    So, I have just finished up my fursona, Jonsi, and I am hoping to get some art of him. Now, I should point out that I don't have much cash at the moment, so I am open to just about any and all art offered. I am willing to do a trade of either art or writing (examples of art can be found here and...