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  1. ArjunCFR

    Is There Another Way to Purchase Art?

    One day in the future I hope to buy art here on Furaffinity (specifically for my Fursona since I cannot draw well enough to make art of him myself), but at the moment, it's best if I don't use real money on anything online for awhile. I have been curious so I decided to ask, is there any other...
  2. BluboxAlpha

    Hiring: ($150+) Fursona Reference Sheet!

    Hello! I am seeking to buy a fursona reference sheet commission! I am looking for a two character reference sheet, male and female genderswap, of a anthro purple and grey feathered Jurassic Park-style velociraptor/dromaeosaurid. They are simply standing, copying each other’s poses. The female...
  3. joyfulsloth

    (Other) Selling: OPEN FREE slots for writing! 2 remaining!

    Hi! I'd like to open a couple free slots for stories so that I can practice writing and also finally give some art back to this community! I can link my carrd in the spoiler, which leads to my AO3 and my website that have a few examples of my work. I'm willing to write SFW or NSFW, but I won't...
  4. Magicka~

    First impression of Feni? ✨

    Hello! Looking for comments about my new sona: Feni The Wolf! You can make a simple list of characteristics, both negative and positive. Feel free to explain why you think my sona exhibits certain characteristics! Thanks so much~...
  5. Vigil29

    Hiring: Art for A friend [Please read desc]

    Hello FurAffinity, I'm looking for someone who'd be willing to draw/redraw my friend's fursona in any of these ways: -Bust of upper body(upper chest and head) -Full body with legs drawn as digitigrade instead of plantigrade. However, plantigrade legs are still ok if they're your preference...
  6. CandidCow

    How common is my fursona?

    I have a jumping cow fursona, meaning that it is a cow, but with fangs, mandibles, spinners at the base of their tail, some spikes hairs on their legs and a color palate dedicated to a kind of jumping spider! Do you think this is really common, I don’t want Candid to get lost in the crowd...
  7. W

    Could anybody teach me how to create a fursona?

    Hello community, I have joined recently and I am lost in this topic of creating my fursona. I really do not know very well what to do in the situation in which I find myself and I am looking for someone to help me and guide me, because there are people here who have a lot of experience. I...
  8. Strange_Aeonx

    Sketch Request

    I need an idea on how my new fursona would look but sadly I just can't flip the head angles properly, so I was wondering if anyone would be willing to sketch up a quick full body of my fursona from my species? All information is contained in my Sta.sh folder on DeviantArt HERE. Thank you so...
  9. Just_A_Tundra

    My Fursona

    My Fursona is an anthropomorphic red fox, named Trisha Gunner. She is a character I designed to be something more like what I wish I could be. Her personality is confident, flirtatious, strong, and caring. Her actual age is in her early forties, even though at the time of me posting this, I'm...
  10. Satsuki15

    Request: I want a prosthetic left arm

    I think my sona would be cooler with a prosthetic left arm, but the last time I drew something mechanical it malfunctioned Dm me if you do it please! It just goes to his elbow, though, so maybe have his sleeve ripped off or something? Idk :1
  11. Satsuki15

    REQUEST: will someone draw violence?

    ,I want my fursona to be punching a short rat character
  12. LoboF

    Anyone like my fursona?

    I'm new here, does anyone like my fursona (they are called Lobo)
  13. RainbowFox666

    Free Commissions, Limited Slots

    Hello Everyone! I am new to the community and would love to gain some experience creating pieces for people and building up my portfolio by offering to work for free. I am a professional artist by trade and have wanted to work in this community for a while! Please feel free to comment with...
  14. CalahooTheHyena

    (Be honest) Do you hate my fursonas?

    I assume many people hate my fursonas because they’re not interesting since they have no development and bland/cookie cutter personalities! Is there any way I can improve these characters development-wise? The 2 characters in the pictures are my fursonas
  15. QueenSekhmet

    Fursona Help.

    yo! ok,so long story short i have been struggling to settle on a fursona for YEARS now and clearly need help pin-pointing it. my question is this: how do you figure out a fursona when you're unsure what to pick? for better context,i have had a forceful tigress socialite,a fancy cat...
  16. Rai Bread

    Shout out to "boring" fursonas

    As someone with a pretty plain-looking 'sona, it can feel intimidating looking around the fandom at all the bright colors, interesting patterns, and cool hybrid and original species. But sometimes that's just not you, right? Sometimes you're just a red fox, or a golden retriever, or in my case a...
  17. nicxv

    (Commission) Selling: ($100+) High quality semi realism bust shots! 1 day delivery!

    Hi! I'm Nicole and I'm doing some bust shots, it usually don't take too much time. Hope you like it! If you're interested or have any questions, please reach out on my dms or on my discord! Price: $100 per bust shot Social media: Deviant art FurAffinity page Reviews from past clients Discord...
  18. SolDirix

    What is your fursona like on 10 cups of coffee?

    Let the cuteness commence.
  19. ~Echolight~

    Is your fursona also your favorite animal?

    My fursona is a red panda. My favorite animal is...well, actually I can't decide. I love them all <3 But I do know most of you do have a specific favorite animal. So, does it match up with your fursona? If so, is that the reason you picked that species for your fursona?
  20. VerySmashing

    Returning user to the furry fandom, need help and/or ideas with a fursona.

    Hello! I am a person that used to be a furry back in like 6th grade, but left only a year later because I was bullied for it. :( I had this rainbow cat fursona called Kitty, but by now that fursona feels dated, as well as characterless. I want to create a fursona that is unique. I am considering...