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  1. Kubudele

    Request: Wizzy's Character Showcase~ ✨ (SFW & NSFW allowed)

    Xin chao~! ✨ Wizzy here. This is quite a different implementation of a request thread, so I'll explain. I enjoy seeing how artists from unique backgrounds put my characters in their own scenarios (with their own characters if desired), and it helps me a lot as an busy artist and full-time...
  2. QuetzAlDragon


    Hello, I am fairly new to the furry fandom and joined this site to just get to know others better and get to know the fandom better. the furry fandom so far has seem so welcoming and has already made me feel happier than before. I always denied I was a furry because people made fun of furries...
  3. FehmArts

    (Commission) Selling: ($15+) Commissions are open! DISCOUNT on additional characters!!

    Hello! I'm Feh and my commissions are currently open! 5 slots only and discount on additional characters! Visit my site for prices and information: https://fehmartscommissions.carrd.co/ If you're interested, here's my email: fehmarts@gmail.com Examples: Thanks for reading! Have a nice day.
  4. Hobgoblin

    What dog breed would I be?

    I've been designing a few dog designs but can't seem to pick a certain breed so I'd make them a mutt but I'm kinda curious what you guys come up with for me. ^^" I consider myself a very timid and awkward person. I don't like being found in crowds and I'm extremely uncomfortable with...
  5. KrissySempaiArt

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: SB $25 Poodle Adopt

    Starting Bid $25 ! If AB , will include a headshot and ice cream ych with purchase ! Will receive master file , one with no markings and also one with no background !
  6. LewdCoyote

    (Commission/Adopts) LewdCoyote Commission Price List

    HI THERE! I'm still pretty new to FA, and don't have much of a following, but after a few requests, I finally made a commission price list! My prices are average-high, depending on what you want, but I price them that way since I put a lot of time and effort into each commission piece! I also...
  7. TokoDoggo

    I wanna sketch your Sonas! FREE and for fun

    Hello there! So It's been a minute since I've done character design for others, and I'm in great need of practice. So let's have some fun with this! I'll draw a simpler avatar version of your character- key work is SIMPLE. No character ref sheets, I'm just having you fill out the list below so I...
  8. I

    Trying to make a hybrid sona! [Hybrid sonas plz share your combos!]

    Hi! I am Ginger, I've been in this fandom basically since I could walk (fan of anthro for a while yknow) I have a sona, but it was technically made by someone else, which isn't bad! Just not feeling the same attachment anymore yknow? Originally it was a bunny/dragon, and then it devolved into a...
  9. Hobgoblin

    Suggest some unique animals to be my fursona?

    Ayoo, I have like no idea for what my fursona should be so I was hoping you guys would like to suggest some cool heckin animals to be my fursona so I can look into them? :) You can go off my personality but it isn't recommended to but maybe it helps. I'm extremely shy and antisocial. I don't...
  10. ThiccPinkPunkGoddess

    Hiring: ($15+) Punk Bunny Looking to be Drawn!

    How's it going? So I'm back in the market to look for artists that have the style I'm looking for to do some more art of my fursona. I have a punky tan rabbit that I have a few pieces for but I am looking for more. From simple arts as well as a little lewder, I want to continue on her expansion...
  11. mercuriel-art

    Animal Species with unique spines (not spikes)?

    Hey guys! I've been wanting to make a new sona in addition to my others that reflects me a bit more personally than usual. Because of this, I want to choose an animal that has something special about its spine. I don't mean spine as in spikes, but as in the vertebrae! The only two I've thought...
  12. butchdutch

    Let's Play a Game: Fursona Stereotypes

    The rules are simple: Post what species your fursona is (or if it's too unique, you can put a general umbrella term like "alien") AND THEN post some of the stereotypes you associate with the person's fursona from the previous reply is. Feel free to keep coming back to this thread, just make...
  13. cam_ukemi

    My Fursona (Feedback/Criticism Wanted!)

    I am new to the furry community and to Furaffinity! I finalized the forward-facing design of my fursona, Kiraan, today, after working on it for a week. He doesn't have a specific species; he's just a rodent. Looking for feedback/criticism on his design and my art skills. Planning to create a...
  14. Chomby

    Request: (Birthday ended!) Possible Birthday Art of my Fursona? (If You're Interested!)

    Edit: Thank you so much to the people who gifted me art and for those who considered doing so! You're amazing! Thank you for stopping by, and have an awesome day!
  15. The_biscuits_532

    OC Charts!

    Found these on Amino, they're p fun Blanks in comments of: https://aminoapps.com/c/furry-amino/page/blog/oc-charts-2/eY7o_ZVXf3uEq68RR6j1pgvvRkVGv0YLKGd https://aminoapps.com/c/furry-amino/page/blog/some-oc-chart-things-i-found-of-pintrest/pXWl_r1LtQuER5nqBZBzg5xdDKqx8E8B67Kce You shouldn't...
  16. HarpyFeather

    Anything you want written! NSFW, Biography of an OC/Fursona [8+ Years of Experiance]

    Hello! My name is Feather and I am a freelance writer looking to write fiction for people who don’t have their specific fantasies met! I am best at fiction, specifically romantic and NSFW fiction about specialized kinks, and simple romantic stories that make everyone in their realm of desires...
  17. JollyJester

    Commission Prices!

    Full Body ☆Sketch- 20$ ☆Black & white lineart- 25$ ☆ Flat color- 50$ ☆ Color and shading- 70$ Bust ☆Sketch- 5$ ☆Black & white lineart- 7$ ☆Flat color- 10$ ☆Flat color- 15$ ☆Color and shading- 20$ Chibi ☆Sketch- 5$ ☆Black & white lineart- 10$ ☆Flat color- 15$ ☆Color and shading- 20/25$ *I...
  18. Dynamostic

    In Need of Fursona Help

    Hello there! First a foremost, I would like to clarify that I made this account when I was twelve. I am now nearly sixteen. It's been quite a while since I've been on here. Now, onto the topic at hand. I have been dabbling with the idea of returning to the furry fandom and I'm wanting to make a...
  19. Blue Moon the Folf

    Request: New Sona!

    I, after years of making characters and not being able to get attached to any of them, have made an OC I feel comfortable calling my Fursona!! References can be provided as needed, description is below! Do note, this will be a custom. Bloom is a short, White Tailed, Sika deer, mixed with a Snow...
  20. C

    Help me pick my fursona?

    I previously had a fursona but I wasn't as involved in the furry fandom as before so I've decided to start over and try to figure out what my fursona should be. I'm hoping if I describe my personality a little, it could help identify an animal that sounds similar to my personality. I'm a very...