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  1. Octopocalypse

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: $35 F Snow leopard!Punk

    I have this cute Snow Leopard I'm selling: This character (unnamed) comes with back and paw refrence, a few details not shown here. You will get full quality version of this file, as well as a complete ref sheet to go with her. I can add any small details to the sheet once purchased: a name...
  2. RazorTheFox

    Request: Does anyone wanna draw my new sona

    I got a new sona named Koda and here's the ref sheet
  3. Arnak

    Random facts about your fursona(s)

    I want to know some strange and random facts about your fursonas. Do they have an extra lung, a weird accent or even an evil twin named Bob? Whatever fact or facts you want to share, go ahead.
  4. NoobFur

    Anyone's sona got superpowers?

    I'm just curious ;)
  5. M

    Request: Can you draw this cow please?

    Who can draw this cow??
  6. Jojer

    Sparklesonas and Wild Colors? How do they work?

    Because every sona suits their owner differently, I suspect there are many reasons as to why “natural” animals or even hybrid and fantastical beasts have “unnatural”, loud or vibrant colors and patterns that aren’t typically occurring in nature. How does your sona get those colors? Is it a...
  7. Morgan Colonna

    Raising Money for a Dear Friend

    Hello! I'm new to Fur Affinity, but have been meaning to make an account here for awhile! I've been trying to raise money for my best friend to get top surgery as they've been struggling with their gender identity. They mean the world to me and I'm trying to do what I can to help. They don't...
  8. XeronaArt

    (Commission) Selling: EMERGENCY COMMISSIONS $20 - $70+

    EMERGENCY COMMISSIONS! PLEASE DM IF INTERESTED! Hey guys, I'm needing some help with some bills this month. I have payments coming up next week and am in dire need of some income. I've lowered my prices to be a bit more affordable while I have this going on. Please share this around if you know...
  9. T

    How many meters of fur do I need for a fursuit head?

    I bought a foam head base, this one actually: www.etsy.com: Fursuit Canine / Wolf / Dog Head Base Foam - Commission I've saved to buy the fur for it, but I'm not sure how much fur I'll need, my fursona uses 3 colours (blue, white and black) thought the black is more for smaller details, (mainly...
  10. Gangsta Fox

    Why do you identify as an animal character?

    I went on DA forums once. Someone there said they did not want to be called a furry for reasons unsure other than they "just draw. Furry is just when you like funny animals. " Then I said "To be furry you must identify as an anthropomorphic creature." They said "It's just an internet identity...
  11. T

    How do I make a mohawk for my fursuit?

    I bought a foam head base so I could make a head, I know what I'm doing for most of it, but I don't know how to make my fursona's hair, I did a quick look online and I reckon a mohawk at the on the back of the head/neck, but I don't know what hair to use or how to make it. This is what my...
  12. driftingdragon


    Greetings everyone~ It's Drift coming at you with my most favorite questions. These are merely ice breakers, just because I personally would like to get to know everyone a little better. 1) How long have you been in the fandom? And has that impacted your view on furries? 2) What kinds of legs...
  13. Thrashy

    I'm going to hell for this

    Had a weak moment, where I've drawn a picture of Thrashy. Keep in mind, that I haven't drawn voluntarily for years :D So, here's the abomination xD I had some kind of template, I've searched for "cartoon skunk" on Google images. So technically, only the battle jacket and the beer can is...
  14. S

    My Third Fursona

    Hey everyone. I've had two Fursonas(Technically four, but the first and third one barely got anywhere in terms of Development), so this is pretty much my third then I guess... Anyways, here we go: Info Name: Oscar Thomas Farrell Age: 23 Sex: Male Sexuality: Asexual Nationality...
  15. Andie

    Alpha & Beta RP

    I'm really wanting to do a somewhat feral alpha and beta RP with someone. My sona is half wolf half wendigo so I prefer a partner who has a wolf sona ready to go.


    I've been on furaffinity for a little bit, and just decided to post an introduction. I'm 36yrs old, which I guess is pretty up there. Who am I? That's not an easy question to answer. I am complex, complicated, individualized, independent, intelligent, strong, weak, moral, evil, wicked, loving...
  17. driftingdragon

    Want to be in a comic?

    Hi everyone! Driftingdragon here. Just trying to prod the general public for what they think about some stuff. So I'm working on a really big comic, Here! (Prologue+chapter 1 sketches) I want to know you guy's advice on this? What would make this comic stand out as something you want to be...
  18. Moosifer00

    (Commission) Selling: $7 Headshots

    Hey, looking to do some quick headshots! (willing to negotiate price if you want full body or some such) PM me for any further questions :D I can do payment by paypal only for the time being Samples below
  19. SweetLovePunch

    Nasty, Dirty Writing Commissions: ANY NSFW ($8 per 1k words)

    Hello! SweetLovePunch here, offering writing commissions for fandom and original work! I am a professional writer by trade, both freelance and professional. I've had experience as an article and blog writer, as well as worked in a few office jobs that forced me to write a lot of technical...
  20. Guifrog

    Stuff your fursona wouldn't say

    You're free to write just single sentences, maybe respond to previous posters, invent some sort of chat in which you're partaking, and actions are also welcome! If you're a furry/non-furry without a character, it's okay to post what you wouldn't say yourself. ------- Ughhh, bugs are so...