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  1. Moosifer00

    (Commission) Selling: $7 Headshots

    Hey, looking to do some quick headshots! (willing to negotiate price if you want full body or some such) PM me for any further questions :D I can do payment by paypal only for the time being Samples below
  2. SweetLovePunch

    Nasty, Dirty Writing Commissions: ANY NSFW ($8 per 1k words)

    Hello! SweetLovePunch here, offering writing commissions for fandom and original work! I am a professional writer by trade, both freelance and professional. I've had experience as an article and blog writer, as well as worked in a few office jobs that forced me to write a lot of technical...
  3. Guifrog

    Stuff your fursona wouldn't say

    You're free to write just single sentences, maybe respond to previous posters, invent some sort of chat in which you're partaking, and actions are also welcome! If you're a furry/non-furry without a character, it's okay to post what you wouldn't say yourself. ------- Ughhh, bugs are so...
  4. X

    Hiring: Lookin for wolf fursona. $50-100; depends on quality

    So I’m looking to finally get a fursona done. Had one made for me back in maybe 2010 an now finally getting back into guys and being more open about myself an what not. So want to get a fursona done. The styles I like a more similar to Harmarist, DakkaWolf , even lando’s style is nice to me...
  5. I

    Post clothes and outfits your fursona would wear

    Pretty self explanatory. Post images of clothing or outfits your fursona wears. Nexus loves wearing black
  6. F

    New "fursona" : Stella

    Heyo guys I've wanted to introduce you to one of my new main sonas. STELLA Okay so basically she is an astralin in its human form. She is 22 years in human years and 7 in astralin years. Astralins have a lifespan of 1000 years sooooo..... She is even an adult in astralin years. They mature...
  7. Lysirell

    Making a fursona for a friend. Opinions?

    Well, i'm using a base for this one (as i did with my fursona), because at the time i still suck at drawing. Though, luckily, this lynx design looks better than my own fursona IMO, and i don't even know how i made it, but i'm really proud TuT What do you think about the design? Should i make...
  8. I

    What RPG/D&D class is your Sona?

    I often wondered this when looking at people's sonas on the forums and fandom in general. There are many classes to choose from in D&D and while you may have played the game yourself as a preferred class, what class would your fursona choose in this world of adventure, monsters, and magic...
  9. Jacob Bender


  10. Bizarripher

    Hello, new and older guy here!

    How's everyone doing? I'm 29 years old and I've been interested in furry art since I entered high school although I prefer kemono art. I haven't grown up with anyone who was interested in it or tolerated it. I don't think I'm into fursuiting or RP'ing, I just have a legit fascination for furry...
  11. F

    Open species: Astralins

    Heyo guys May I present to you my own created open species: the astralins. Basically they are smol (kinda magical) aliens. Took me so long to create this art piece,LOL. Might make a base. Species is still in work but only information wise. Information about them:www.furaffinity.net: Astralin...
  12. Gallows

    Sale £10 for b&w or colored traditional drawings!

    For a traditional drawing of your furry with your requested traits and looks you can can have it now for only 10£ (furry colored/white background) If you want the copy of the original drawing (A4 paper) with additional shipping fee (£4) you can have it in your hands as well. Fast - will take...
  13. Tekashi96


    Hello , I’m an artist who’s talents are being wasted at his day job and would love love LOVE to draw your fursona (or whatever the fuck you want I don’t care it can be anything literally) I’ve never drawn anything furry but attached is my style and an example of the quality of my work...
  14. Spitfire110

    Rate my sharks!

    Heres my main Sona. www.furaffinity.net: Me by Spitfire110 And my secondary. www.furaffinity.net: Evora Di Messi by Spitfire110 They are both very special to me of course and I wanna see what everyone thinks! Fair warning the rest of my FA material is NSFW, but not these Refs
  15. HazelCat


    should I redesign my fursona, Hazel? She's a cat. And I'm not sure if I should make her coloring more realistic, change her hair, her patterns, anything. She looks off to me, but I can't quite put my finger on it. Are the shapes too random? How do I know what shapes to associate with myself?!
  16. Fcomega121

    Hello! Newbie on FAF!

    Hello! I'm new on the forums! I have a furaffinity account since 2016, but I've maked a new account this year because I was unable to login again. Well.. after I've said this let me introduce myself: I'm Francisco but you can call me Franz, I'm a male, Straight-Genderfluid (I do most often feel...
  17. Xitheon

    Ratty Identity crisis

    So... I am a snake who wants to be a rat. I resurrected this character and I'm totally obsessed with rats again. I've never been able to decide on a name for her, though. She's a patchwork hairless lab-rat with jellyfish genes that cause her to glow in the dark. She is stupid, slightly mad...
  18. Bluefiremark II

    Give the user above you a new height.

    As the title says, give a new height. So say I'm 6'7", then you could say oh.. 3ft 1In. (3'1") you can be as big as you possibly want, even going beyond planetary sized, or as small as you want, microscopic even. Give the user above you a new spot on that spectrum that you think would be a...
  19. Dreammaker33

    What would be the best way to rework my fursona/oc personality traits?

    I would like to rework some of my fursona/oc personality traits for Melisa, To better reflect her more up to date design. Here is most recent design version of Melisa. Can you also tell me what personality traits don't go together?
  20. ManicTherapsid

    Merriam-Websters thinking to add furry and fursona to dictionary.

    It looks like Merriam Websters might be adding furry and fursona to the dictionary eventually. On the one hand it seems like furry should have been in there already, but after looking I noticed that "Trekkie" isn't even in there yet, and that should have been in there decades ago...