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  1. LifelikeWyvern

    New Character Help

    Hi, this is my first post, I'm super bad at using forums (so sorry if I mess up or post in the wrong place). Anyway, my current "fursona" (even though I don't really consider myself a furry if that makes sense?) is a Chimereon! I love her a lot but I find myself wanting another character. I tend...
  2. harvestplace

    Free Art: Raffle open! 4 winners!

    Hey everyone! For the winter holidays I'm running some free raffles via Twitter and Instagram! There will be two winners on each platform, and you're allowed to enter both for double the chance to win! Winners will be drawn on December 25th - enter now! TWITTER: INSTA...
  3. Kosmo Kittypup

    Space furs, where you at?

    any variety of space related, be it grounded realistic astronauts, or science fiction space explorers, or aliens, or anything beyond all that! i wanna know how many space furs are out there. my fursona is rooted a lot in 80's-90's SF anime with some vague influence from your usual nostalgic...
  4. D

    Your sona then vs. your sona now

    Post pics or describe your earliest design of your sona followed by the present version they are now. Here are mine
  5. Alys_0_0

    New Sona Species WIP

    Hey! I'm working on creating a new fursona species with someone else. The process is long and getting longer because we're both going through some personal issues and don't have time to work on the sona for now, so it's not completely done. But I can tell you all about the new species! I even...
  6. CloverKitsu

    Request: Hiya! Anyone interested in drawing my character?

    I made this fluffy boi on picrew. He's a bit lazy but also a kindhearted fox. He likes: Anime/manga, relaxing, taking long naps and eating yummy foods. Feel free to draw him, thanks in advance!
  7. HenryCCDL

    Share your flumpfy fursonas!

    I want to see more cute plus sized characters! Here is my own fursona, Henry Purrcuit! https://www.furaffinity.net/view/38228961/
  8. K

    What was your old sona?

    Before I had an account here or on the main site I had a (real shocker) canine character. He was going to be a part of a huge story but I ended up not really clicking with an anthro only story or a canine character. Then I went with a saber tooth tiger who was turned into a bison. Finally I...
  9. Lulu the Sable

    Can you tell what species my fursona is?

    I'm curious, what species would you think my fursona is if it didn't say in my username? And if you have a fursona that is an unusual species, please show me so I can try to guess what you are, too! <3
  10. Sinamuna

    Chinchilla or cat? ;o;

    Which one is better suited for me, even if you don't know me? lol
  11. corpsdoll

    Request: A lil request pls,,, ;w;

    hihi so uh I recently made a pocket imp! (I thank furryfilth everyday for allowing me to purchase the base AND for creating such cute lil creatures) and I was wondering if anyone would be so kind as to draw her? ;w; She doesn't have much art, and I'd love to see her in different styles...
  12. JustAlex1997

    Is Your Fursona a Character?

    I recently commented on a post where I revealed that Autumn the Squirrel is essentially just a name and face. In terms of personality and backstory, it's all virtually nonexistent. She only exists because you're supposed to have a fursona and because (yes, I'm biased) she's cute. Have you ever...
  13. Smeaf

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: 3D Head/Torso Sculpt $50

    Hi I'm Smeaf, I am a digital Sculptor and am currently open for commissions. I mainly do head and torso sculpts. Below are examples of my work. I accept payment through paypal right now, you can direct message me here or on discord. Discord: Keeffe#3975 Please message me and give me your ref...
  14. ropid

    my arts IRL

    I was just wondering about my polymer clay keychains and earrings, It's been a while since I take orders for them. how about that, guys?
  15. Dakinu

    Mustache muzzles make you look old?

    So I'm thinking about getting some art done of a new character, and I like the look that muzzle-fur gives some characters. But does that make them 'Dad-like' or mature looking automatically or what? Something kinda like this: www.furaffinity.net: Comfortable Silence by AureliansWalls I like the...
  16. RangerReb

    Free Art: OPEN SPECIES DEBUT-Jagulin! (Under Construction)

    Hello every furry (wow that was cringe). I am super duper proud to reveal something I’ve been working on and brainstorming for a while, my first original/open species, the Jagulin! Here are two process shots as well for proof of ownership: Jagulins are inspired by many different animal...
  17. inkbloom

    Nonfurs draw their fursonas

    I love this channel of artists, but this video was particularly cute. It's fun to see the different styles and ideas they came up with.
  18. Gemi42

    Self Challenge: Create a Fursona with Me~!

    Okay, so! The goal of this thread is to develop a fully fleshed out Fursona by the end of this. Alrighty, so you guys will submit a total of 5 different submissions for every subject! IE: Subject is Species! User 1 : Dog User 2 : Cockatoo User 3 : Porcupine User 4 : Tiger User 5 : Sphynx Cat...
  19. Suri

    Which version is better? owo [edit lol] XD

    Welcome <3 owo❗ Today I bring you a small update of my fursona, initially it was going to look like this www.furaffinity.net: Suri by suri6 But ... I wanted to draw it again and I couldn't do it the same. You see I have a hard time drawing furrys, I have always drawn people and now that I...
  20. Sabstar

    (Commission) Selling: Open for Commissions ($15-$60)

    Hi there! I'm open for commissions! I'm taking 3 slots at a time currently. Turnaround time is usually a few days depending on the slots I have free, but I will let you know if it's going to be longer or if there are any delays during the process. Do's SFW/NSFW Any gender Anthro/Feral...