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  1. hazmat_doormat

    Introducing Doormat

    Thanks Arrow Tibbs (stickied thread) for the form! Name: Doormat Age: 18 Sex: Female Species: Brown rat Height: 5ft 11 Weight: 47kg Appearance: - Hair and fur: Light brown - Markings: Darker brown points on ears, muzzle and limbs apart from right leg; paler fur on underbelly - Eye color...
  2. Sugarygulp

    Changing/alternative sonas?

    What's the general consensus on changing your sona after they've already been pretty solidified? I'm..really indecisive and I feel myself wanting to change my sona species constantly, or not really feeling like I'm truly in tune with her and her design. My bf is a hyena, but last night he said...
  3. G

    I Want to Learn What it Means to be a Furry [HELP]

    Hi, I'm writing an article on what it means to be a Furry and a member of the Furry community. I have 5 questions I would like to ask and would appreciate any responses and insight. Personal anecdotes are encouraged! 1) How does one discover their fursona? What forms of initiation take place...
  4. Chomby

    Let ME rate your sonas/OCs

    Have you come from this person's thread? Looking for a second opinion? First time? Well you've come to the right place! No limit of the amount of characters you send for a rate. Just don't spam. (。•̀ᴗ-) Remember that everyone's preferences are different. If I give your character(s) a low...
  5. D

    Custom Fursona Masks [WAIT LIST: OPEN]

    Custom Made Fursona Masks SOLD OUT ADDITIONAL SLOTS COMING SOON Leave a comment on our most recent Instagram post (@lunaflora_landing) if you’d like to be put on the ping list for our next opening! ✨✨✨ Social Media Shop Art © LittleRavine. Characters © dakodils. You DO NOT have...
  6. honeyglitter

    Pokemon as fursona?

    What's peoples opinion on pokemon as fursona? I really like goodra and want to make that my sona, but I also don't want people thinking I'm fake furry. Also is it considered unoriginal?? Goodra just ticks all the boxes for what I want in a fursona, but at the same time it feels kind of lazy to...
  7. corpsdoll

    Request: Fursona needs art please!

    Hi everyone ;w; I'm kinda new to this website, created my FurAffinity account in January and now I'm looking for some art of my fursona, Venus! Possibly make friends too, if you,,,y'know,,,wanna be friends :') Anyway, it would be so very appreciated if someone could draw my baby ;w; Heck, draw...
  8. Kyrie_Nova

    Being more open about furry stuff with my partner

    I have been in a relationship with a wonderful person for about two and a half years. Things are going great aside from one minor snag. I am a furry and she knows this. I don’t own a fursuit, but I do have these dragon scale crochet gloves that I wear around her a bunch. She likes them, says...
  9. Toxicity

    Request: Need Help With My Fursona

    I was working on an outfit for my fursona Credit: Miss Nook And I See a lot of fursona’s have a kid version of it and I was wondering if anyone could help with ideas to create something like that
  10. majestycorgi

    Pretty baby dog partial $720(free express shipping)

    [/url] [/IMG] Video: copy and paste to your browser if the link isnt work https://www.instagram.com/p/B9XE-7CiMti/?utm_sourc... THE HEAD Head size is UNIVERSAL. Glasses friendly! What mean universal? Inside there is a system of belts and pillows that you customize for yourself...
  11. UwUCarlaUwU

    Free Art: Free Art! :D

    Hello! Hows it going? i am open to draw your oc FOR FREE :D No: NSFW Babyfur Fatfur Or anything innapropiate. Yes: Cute Shy Edgy Angry anything that is SFW
  12. E

    Fursona species?

    Uh, hi, semi-new fur here. I suffer from not being able to stick with a species for my fursona and change my mind just about every two minutes. What species do y'all think I'd fit most? Here's some stuff about me: I'm very lazy and would live on my couch if it were up to me I'm somewhat...
  13. Dexin

    What tv shows can your sona binge watch?

    What is your sona binge watching on the weekends? Or if they don't live in a world with TV what is their favorite book or legend or whatever? Dexin likes a good mix between action adventure and feel good comedy. So his go to binge shows are Chuck, Lost In Space (2018), and Fuller House.
  14. A

    Can someone help draw my Fursona I’m 12 and new to the Fandom

    Please help draw my fursona concept art it has Blue and Red eyes and is Orange and Brown Cat I’m really bad at drawing will anyone help please
  15. UwUCarlaUwU

    Question, how do you make a partial suit,

    im hoping someday to make one of my OC Carla, but i'd love it if you gave me some tips ^^
  16. UwUCarlaUwU

    Looking for a Fursona RP Partner

    i really wanna rp with someone with my fursona Carla, plz remember, im 13 and i really don't want my innocence to die just yet lol
  17. UwUCarlaUwU

    Any Cat Pals?

    Hello to all, show me your kitty fursonas! mine is Carla
  18. Hamza2006

    Need help with my fursona

    So I'm drawing my first fursona as a bat. Biggest problem I'm facing is the wings. Should I give him regular arms and wings attached to the back or should the wings be attached to the arms? I prefer the idea of wings on the arms. Problem here is that I don't see how a fursona with arm-wings can...
  19. F

    Free Art: (CLOSED temporarily) SR2 Semi-SFW artwork - Looking for fursonas

    I'm planning my first actual art project. It will be based in a Saints Row 2 style Saints Hideout. I'm looking for fursonas to use in the project. If you're interested, I'll need a full body image of the sona you want me to use. I'm going to convert any anthro / digitigrade feet into more...
  20. F

    Does your fursona have any scars?

    Does your fursona have any scars from accidents, combat, etc? (I'm referring to physical scars) This can range from cut scars, surgery scars, burn scars, or permanent bruises. La'sari has a little scar on her cheekbone from a swordfight. She has multiple bruises that won't go away after being...