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  1. Vanessa Howl

    The "Dinosaurs Are Cool" Thread

    Dinosaurs are cool. I know this. You know this. Let's talk about it. What is your fave dinosaur? What is your fave movie about dinosaurs? What is your fave NOT movie about dinosaur? Do you have a dinosaur fursona and if so, who are they and what are they all about? Dinosaurs are cool SO...
  2. Sodasats20

    NSFW art trade

    Hey I’m willing to do anything with someones fursona in exchange for a piece of art of my fursona showing his hole Dm me if interested
  3. CalahooTheHyena

    (Be honest) Do you hate my fursonas?

    I assume many people hate my fursonas because they’re not interesting since they have no development and bland/cookie cutter personalities! Is there any way I can improve these characters development-wise? The 2 characters in the pictures are my fursonas
  4. Rai Bread

    Shout out to "boring" fursonas

    As someone with a pretty plain-looking 'sona, it can feel intimidating looking around the fandom at all the bright colors, interesting patterns, and cool hybrid and original species. But sometimes that's just not you, right? Sometimes you're just a red fox, or a golden retriever, or in my case a...
  5. FR0ST81T3

    [Taro's World] Cross-Species Fursona Ideas

    This can be anything, such as a rabbit with a kitsune tail, or a wolf with moose antlers. Whatever it may be! This serves as a potential fursona finding technique too! I want to see what kind of hybrid 'sonas you lovelies can come up with! Perhaps there's someone out there viewing this thread...
  6. N

    What if the Furrys suddenly became real these days?

    Eu estava refletindo o cenário lisonjeiro de nossas aspirações e fursonas se tornarem reais em carne e osso da noite para o dia, o que você acha que aconteceria, como você reagiria?
  7. AmeliaTheHolstein

    Free fursona chibi commissioning, in need of practice!

    NOTICE: OFFICIALLY CLOSED AS OF 7/12/20 Hi, my name's Amelia. I'd like to start doing chibi art commissioning in the (hopefully near) future, and I need time to practice my art. I'm open to draw your fursonas in my art style, and if they're good enough I'd like to ask if I could post them on my...
  8. B

    How accurate do you think this alignment chart is?

    If you don't think it's very accurate, feel free to try your hand at making your own with the template below! Of course, it's all a matter of opinion! I'm looking forward to see what you guys think.
  9. InkkEmulsion

    (Commission) Selling: Inkk's Mecha & Monsters (and fursonas) one stop design shop ($5 - $150)

    Corvid's fantasy and scifi art shop Commissions being accepted currently?: Yes (and tumblr) Hello there! I currently am in need of funds to help with university living costs, and have 4 slots open currently. I specialise in mecha, monsters and fursonas but I also draw D&D things...
  10. GeodeChipmunk

    Chipmunk Fursonas

    Heya everyone! My name is Geode and Im of the extremely rare fursona species chipmunk! I'd really love to meet some more chipmunks if anyone here is one or knows someone who is. I'm pretty lonely. I wonder why there aren't any chipunk fursonas. They are adorable anyone could admit that (if not...
  11. stargravity

    (Commission) Selling: Commission Info $12-$40 (varies)

    I have commissions open! Contact at stargravityart@gmail.com Art Tumblr: stargravity Payment is handled through paypal and I do not begin the commission until I receive payment! Headshots (line art + flat color) 12 USD Half-Body (line art + flat color) 25 USD (+15 per additional character)...
  12. Doodle Bunny

    Fursona Fashion Show

    Starting a thread for drawings of fursonas in outfits. Whether its casual or haut couture, let your fursona walk the catwalk. I'll start it.
  13. ABSTRACTBunny

    Free Art: ABSTRACTBunny is giving out free art of your fursona or oc!

    RULES AND NOTES: I pick whoever from this thread and draw them their fursona or oc. All pictures should be put on this thread since personal messaging is not really wanted in this case. DON'T BE SAD IF YOU DON'T GET PICKED, THERE WILL BE MORE OPPORTUNITIES! I note that you don't get to choose...
  14. N

    I need your knowledge.

    I have become a furry. It happened on the 9th of September 2018. I found out that I am a furry watching vivziepop's doe young animation. I need you all to unload links and stories and advice to tell me who the furry are that every furry knows, essentially your celebrities. Also I need a furry...
  15. Hipstersoulgushers


    Hey, I'm needing to get a start with getting commissions online I will sketch you a drawing of an oc or character being cute or really cool!!! for 10$!!!! I will haggle down to 5$ depending on the subject. vvvv Here is some of my work! vvvv if you want something more finished ask me about...
  16. Klobria

    Come plez .w.

    Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers Just for rp and playing with your fursonas Ahem.. I'm bored, yes btw there is a channel for NSFW. jk
  17. Klobria

    Help me for drawing ><

    I would like to draw my fursonas (which is a Dutch Angel Dragon) BUUUUUT... i'm so damn shitty as drawing I can only draw wolfes and dogs... could someone show me a draw (not thief from google images please) ? For helping, Klobria is a black with blue and purple (flash) stains on all of her body...
  18. aykie

    (Commission) Selling: [N/SFW, ($25-$100+) PROFESSIONAL] Illustration, Character Design and Fanart

    Commission Rules EXAMPLES TYPES OF COMMISSIONS: I draw NSFW and SFW art! I work truly fast and I'm trying to make a living in a marginalized country (Argentina) with a very delicate economic situation, so tips are appreciated, and I'll love you forever :D
  19. SwirlyLion

    I'm taking requests! (NOW CLOSED-THANK YOU)

    Hello all! I am new here and i would like to do sketchy requests of some of your characters/ fursonas! For now its free, so yay! I just wanted to try my hand here! I prefer to draw animals, but I'm up for any challenge that you give me! Here is a sample of my work: www.furaffinity.net: The Toxic...
  20. Bluekittie

    share your characters?

    Hi new here on fa... so thought maybe if anyone feels like it can post there characters here. Dont get mad tho if i dont do yours tho... but would like to draw few to get my uploads started. I do have a Deviantart too so may share on there as well if ya dont mind that.