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  1. Spazmadic

    Selling pre-owned Realistic Russian Blue Cat Fullsuit!

    This suit was made back in 2010! She has been loved and worn by me and another suiter, although she is still in wonderful condition! I personally have worn her multiple times on different occasions... Head will fit 23" or smaller. Feet paws are size 7 in womens, outdoor Suit will fit well on...
  2. A

    New White Puffy Fursuit Paws For Sale $50

    Hello! I am a new fursuit maker trying to put myself out there and I'm selling these puffy fursuit paws for $50 plus $5 shipping, but I'm willing to negotiate. They were made from Kloofsuit's five finger paw patter with a modification(extra stuffing to the fingers). These paws have fleece paw...
  3. S

    Fursuit for Sale(Open)

    I am no long interested this suit. She was made by Geekpaw Productions and I'm looking for $2,000 for her plus shipping. She will come with the character which has art and an old design. She does come with wings as well. The character is here: https://toyhou.se/2347120.dianna-comes-with-fursuit-...
  4. Rain LaStrange

    Partial suits

    Does anybody know somebody who makes partial suits for under $1,000? I'm kind of looking around for somebody to possibly make mine. if you do know somebody can you provide their link below? Much appreciated!!!
  5. DexyStudios

    Commissioning CHEAP Fursuits! (Newer Maker)

    Hello! My name is Julien, founder of DexyStudios, a new and upcoming fursuit making company! I'm currently open for taking commissions. Looking for a new suit for a reasonable price, that won't break the bank? DexyStudios is the way to go! What makes DexyStudios so special? DexyStudios is out...
  6. mixpomdog

    Is there any custom fursuit makers?

    Hi! I just want to know if there are any custom fursuit makers. I am planning on getting a fursuit and I want my fursuit to look like my fursona!If you know any custom fursuit maker send a link to they're site! Thank you :D
  7. mixpomdog

    Cheap and Quick fursuit maker?

    Are there any fursuit makers that can make tooney partials relatively quickly, and for a less-expensive price?I don't really have a lot money to buy a normal fursuit and i really want to know if there are a cheap and quick fursuit maker
  8. Zurrk

    Any advice?

    Hello, so I am working in my fursona and his name is Zurrk. I want to save up and get a fursuit made if Zurrk. The thing is that even though I could pay for it myself I'm afraid my mom will go on telling me about how it's a waste of money, but I don't want to wait a while because se I wany to...