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fursuit accessories

  1. D

    Custom Fursona Masks [WAIT LIST: OPEN]

    Custom Made Fursona Masks SOLD OUT ADDITIONAL SLOTS COMING SOON Leave a comment on our most recent Instagram post (@lunaflora_landing) if you’d like to be put on the ping list for our next opening! ✨✨✨ Social Media Shop Art © LittleRavine. Characters © dakodils. You DO NOT have...
  2. Doodle Bunny

    I made Squarkle some goggles

    I had no tutorial to work with for fursuit goggles. I basically modified a steampunk goggle thing. Here’s how it turned out: Please be nice to me. This is my first time making fursuit accessories.
  3. Nihles

    Large props

    Hey, shoukd I bring my guitar to MFF? Not to play, just as a character prop. I'm headed to my first large convention, MFF, this weekend. My suiting character (not my 'sona) is a hard on his luck musician so I carry my guitar when I suit. I'm worried that it may be too crowded and I might end...
  4. C

    Have you heard of this cleaner?

    I just watched the new episode of ABC's Shark Tank and when i watched it a guy who says hes 19 presented this cleaner known as DetraPel and how it works is that when applied to shirts, pants, shorts or shoes and fabric, etc it seems to prevent any stains like spilling your coffee on shirt or...
  5. B

    How would you put LEDs at The end of an antenna

    So I’m a bit new to the furry fandom and fursuits. I’m making my first fursona and at some point I want to make the fursuit. My fursona has antennas that poke out of the horn area that has stars at the end that I want to light up (possibly turn on and off) What would be the simplest (and...
  6. Okye

    Would anyone be interested in yarn tails? (still open)

    So if I made and sold tails using yarn that's been combed out to look like fur would anyone be interested in purchasing then? They would be fully customizable, colors, textures. I could probably make them posable also. These would most likely be more affordable then one that's sewn with...
  7. flashbang_fox


    I got my fursuit a week ago but its missing a harness any suggestions
  8. SwampPossum

    Purple feline tail

    Selling this long purple feline tail with grey tip for $35 which includes shipping. Elastic loops for a secure hold on a belt. Purchase comes with a surprise gift that range from buttons, charms or even a $60 commission! Comment or message me if interested. Thanks!
  9. OakenheelTheWolf

    Rainbow fursuit Tail!

    Auction: Rainbow fursuit tail! Starting bid is $15 USD! Closes after three bids. This is where I will sell it after someone bids highest: www.etsy.com: by ArtsyClawsWorkshops Photos: www.furaffinity.net: Auction: Rainbow Fursuit Tail! by OakenheelTheWolf
  10. crystallinecanine

    Floor dragger dragon tail for sale!

    I have a 53 inch long plush dragon tail for sale in my etsy shop! It has mint green and baby blue spikes sewn in and sturdy elastic bands to secure to a belt. Only 55 USD ! Check it out: www.etsy.com: Plush Dragon Tail (fursuit part)
  11. suitalors

    Custom fullsuits, Partials, any individual pieces!

    Prices for heads start at $600, partials at $900, and fullsuits at $1550! Individual parts and other props can be commissioned separately as well. Take advantage of slow business to get a quick turnaround time. For work examples, quote forms, price sheets, and more information, please visit our...