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fursuit beginner

  1. ScapegoatSeanan

    Critique: Wolverine head base

    Okay, so... Hi, I am trying this for the first time. Feel free to be brutal (but somewhat constructive preferably) , I can't be discouraged from doing things I'm awful at. Does this look like a bear/wolverine? It's very rough, as I'm sure you can tell. Haven't even put eye holes in it yet...
  2. CuteVixen

    Questions about fursuit whiskers

    Hi! just out of curiosity, I have some questions about fursuit whiskers since I plan on making a cat fursuit (who is an oc and not a fursona) as my second fursuit :> I was wondering what materials are made for fursuit whiskers? Has anyone made them with scoubi strings before? Is scoubi strings...
  3. S

    second ever head base, advice appreciated

    Heya, this is only my second ever head base and I would really like some veteran advice. I already know he needs more foam for fluffy cheeks, a bigger smile, and smaller ears, But is there anything else I can do to make him more aesthetically nice to look at or more wolf-like?
  4. StarryEyedSpaceman

    Full digi suit or half digi suit?

    I’m working on my very first fursuit! They are a space themed Luna moth named Starry Eyed (or just Starry for short.) Very exciting stuff. I’ve come to the place where I have my headbase, legs, and wings all done and ready for fur, and was planning for this character to be a fullsuit. Now...
  5. Fayolah

    Making my first head

    I've been wanting a fursuit for some years now, but it seems like it'd be less expensive to make it on my own (expensive regardless, of course). I wanna be able to support my favorite creators one day, though! I think I'm going to document my progress here, but in the mean time, does anyone...
  6. CubeyFromSpace

    Tips for making a fursuit with long hair?

    Hi, so i plan on eventually making a fursuit head of my main fursona sometime in the future which seems simple enough, though there's one thing, he has shoulder length hair. i very rarely see fursuits with long hair, and every tutorial for hair on a fursuit i've ever seen only describes how to...
  7. Kyrie_Nova

    Being more open about furry stuff with my partner

    I have been in a relationship with a wonderful person for about two and a half years. Things are going great aside from one minor snag. I am a furry and she knows this. I don’t own a fursuit, but I do have these dragon scale crochet gloves that I wear around her a bunch. She likes them, says...
  8. Anfractuous_Entities

    What makes a well-constructed suit?

    Hello! I'm a beginning fursuit maker, with maybe only three suits under my belt. As I progress, it's becoming more and more important to me that the suits I make are comfortable to the people who wear them! So, I need your help: what makes a good suit, in your opinion? From bread-and-butter...
  9. F

    Cheap fursuits in North Carolina?

    I have a 16 year old friend who wants a fursuit of either a fox or a cat, but his budget is low. He's trying to keep around $50... any suggestions? Another question... what would happen if a 16 year old went to a fur con without a guardian? Would he be allowed? Do they ask for ID at cons? (If...
  10. C


    Okay I’m buying the supplies for my first fursuit rn and I can’t hold in my excitement I love my characters design (based off a bee but altered for stock reasons) my foam is from amazon and fur and brush from Fursuit supplies the company they have great reviews and I’m very excited to get...
  11. Lobie5

    Critique: Foam base too bumpy

    So, I've begun work on my first fursuit head, and I love it SO MUCH. :D The process is very fun and exciting, and I'm already learning so much. Since I would like to make another in the future, I wanted to get some advice so that the next one can be better. Here's what I have so far: (i...
  12. TalonR

    Critique: Unusual body suit crafting idea - would this even work??

    I currently own a partial fursuit (that I made myself), and have been thinking hard about making my first bodysuit. But I've had some (early) unusual ideas on exactly * how * to make it. Usually when I look up how to make a body suit, it's basically crafting a homemade onezee with some fur...
  13. Lobie5

    Thoughts on this reference design?

    I'm hoping to start building my first fursuit once my paycheck comes in, and I wanted to get some feedback on my old reference sheet. I'm planning on redrawing it to make some adjustments, so I'd like to know what looks good, what doesn't look good, potential problems I might run into, etc...
  14. Octopocalypse

    Selling! Purple + grey handpaws

    Currently selling these puppies ;^d 35USD plus shipping, Ill give you an estimate before you finalize the purchase so you can decide! DM me if interested!
  15. T

    How many meters of fur do I need for a fursuit head?

    I bought a foam head base, this one actually: www.etsy.com: Fursuit Canine / Wolf / Dog Head Base Foam - Commission I've saved to buy the fur for it, but I'm not sure how much fur I'll need, my fursona uses 3 colours (blue, white and black) thought the black is more for smaller details, (mainly...
  16. Lunneus

    Critique: Monster Suit Progress

    This a suit of my character Malek > www.furaffinity.net: Monster Malek by Lunneus It's coming along pretty well! the only parts actually glued are the foam at the very top of the head and the lower jaw (it's a talk jaw), everything else is being temporarily held by T-pins. I'm not entirely sure...
  17. Pannycake

    Sheep Fursuit help?

    So I'm looking into buying fur for my first head, I'm deciding from a few different types. she's a sheep, so for her wool I'm seeing if I can find something curly that's good quality, and the right color- but I don't really know how to tell if a product is quality or not. Can anyone tell me...