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fursuit browsing

  1. Lioedevon427

    How much would you estimate a head of my sona would go for?

    Here’s an example ref I did, but if you have a rough cost estimate I would really appreciate it! (Especially if you’re a suit maker). I’m looking to go to Goldenstate in ’22, so I’d like to start saving up
  2. morbid-cutie

    Looking for a Skullsuit (Skulldog) Mini Partial?

    Heya there hons, I’ve recently built up a bit of money and have decided to use that for a Mini Partial of my babe Radioactive~! Unfortunately...I haven’t been able to find anyone that fits my needs and price range...I was wondering if anyone does/knows someone who does semi-cheap skulldog...
  3. C

    Looking to buy a wolf fursuit in ireland

    I'm looking to buy a wolf fursuit in ireland but would like to know the price
  4. Spazzlez

    Looking Around for a Good Maker (Not Buying as of Yet)

    Hello, I am currently just browsing around, looking for prices and other necessary information on reliable fursuit makers. Beyond that, I'm looking for people that mostly do good with making a more punk/grunge look to their suits. I specify that as it is what my character is like and supposed...