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fursuit building

  1. Kinkerreed


  2. spiralingdragon

    Commissions Open!

    Terms of Service | Price Guide E-mail: Sloan.Dragonmade@gmail.com DeviantArt | FurAffinity | Instagram Hey there! I'm trying to get back into fursuit-making after a few years hiatus (irl got...real rough there for a while...) Above I've linked my terms of service, my price guide, and also a...
  3. F


    Hello everyone! I’m happy to say that I’m open to make 1 full suit for a premade character! This will be my first suit so I’m afraid I don’t have examples but I have years of sewing and costume experience and wanted to try something new. This suit will be: -kemono style -digitigrade Will have...
  4. ScaredStoked

    To those who find realistic fursuits creepy, why?

    I absolutely love realistic fursuits, and would love to have a try at making one of them. However, I know a lot of people, especially non-furries, find this style of suits to be creepy. So I must ask, to those of you who do find them to be unnerving, what is it about them that causes that...
  5. CuteVixen

    Questions about fursuit whiskers

    Hi! just out of curiosity, I have some questions about fursuit whiskers since I plan on making a cat fursuit (who is an oc and not a fursona) as my second fursuit :> I was wondering what materials are made for fursuit whiskers? Has anyone made them with scoubi strings before? Is scoubi strings...
  6. Fayolah

    Making my first head

    I've been wanting a fursuit for some years now, but it seems like it'd be less expensive to make it on my own (expensive regardless, of course). I wanna be able to support my favorite creators one day, though! I think I'm going to document my progress here, but in the mean time, does anyone...
  7. CubeyFromSpace

    Tips for making a fursuit with long hair?

    Hi, so i plan on eventually making a fursuit head of my main fursona sometime in the future which seems simple enough, though there's one thing, he has shoulder length hair. i very rarely see fursuits with long hair, and every tutorial for hair on a fursuit i've ever seen only describes how to...
  8. Lunneus

    Critique: Monster Suit Progress

    This a suit of my character Malek > www.furaffinity.net: Monster Malek by Lunneus It's coming along pretty well! the only parts actually glued are the foam at the very top of the head and the lower jaw (it's a talk jaw), everything else is being temporarily held by T-pins. I'm not entirely sure...
  9. Pannycake

    Sheep Fursuit help?

    So I'm looking into buying fur for my first head, I'm deciding from a few different types. she's a sheep, so for her wool I'm seeing if I can find something curly that's good quality, and the right color- but I don't really know how to tell if a product is quality or not. Can anyone tell me...
  10. Legbascrossroad

    Fursuits and Hearing Impairment

    Wondering if any fursuiters could give me some advice- I really want to eventually get a suit made of my Dutch Angel Dragon, Loa, and my partner is really good at sewing and various craftwork and offered to make me a head to get started with. Can anyone give feedback on how much having a head on...
  11. Octopocalypse

    Uno - constructive criticism?

    This is Uno: A funky little bat rabbit. I decided to try and make him my first official fursuit and have finally gotten a mini partial done. (Some colours were changed around from the initial design and Im still waiting for blue fur to arrive) Im looking to get some critic and advise as Im...
  12. E

    Fursuit eyebrows

    Hey guys I need some help with adding eyebrows to a already furried fursuit head like, the head is all furried and I would like to know if there's a technique or something to attach eyebrows without taking off the already glued fur. (Just need to fix my fursuit head)
  13. Naughtybit

    Sewing machine for Fursuiting?

    Greetings! I've been looking into trying to make a suit as well as some general costumes for a while now, but i'm having a little trouble getting started. First and foremost, what sewing machine would be best in the price range I currently have. I've had an older sewing machine before (late...
  14. Varg Stigandr

    What sewing machine do you use?

    I did some searching and failed to come up with any threads that dealt with machines that weren't at least 5 years old, so I'm bringing it up. Since there are a lot of people here who either make fursuits for fun or as a business I thought I would ask you all in hopes that it would benefit...
  15. Raptorworks

    Thoughts on my dinosaur mask technique?

    So I'd really like to start selling masks and bases with a focus on realistic/semi-realistic dinosaurs, dragons, and similar creatures, and I think I've got a construction technique that works pretty well: EVA foam. (A raptor mask in the process of being built; I've made a lot more progress...
  16. S

    Canine Head Needs Critique

    Hello all! I've been working on my second fursuit head and could really use critique on it. I'd like it to be as good as possible. I'm going for a toony style with this dude, but I'm really unsure on how to make the jaw/mouth look like a smile, and I don't know about the facial shape/cheeks/etc...
  17. F

    I’m looking to hire a fursuit maker!!!

    hello, my name is Fluffz. I’m currently in the market for a second fursuit with a budget of 1300 usd or 1600$ CAD or 1500$ AUD. I’m very curious of who would like to create my cute folf. I’m basically looking for a partial. I would love to also see your creativity. Your able to contact me...
  18. Mariah

    Extra low crotch?

    So i'm going to be making an otter fullsuit. Otters have stumpy looking legs and long bodies, and I've seen suits with dropped crotches but I'm wondering if I can use extra newspaper etc. during the patterning process to get that true otter look? Or would it just come out looking weird?