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fursuit commissions

  1. B

    Fursuit Commissions Open (start $600)

    Hey everyone! This is @bluemoonsies from instagram. I decided to try out using furaffinity to get in touch with new people who may be interested in my art. I am opening up for fursuit commissions. My head prices range from $600-$1000 My mini partials range from $800-$1900 See my work at...
  2. Feng-Kai

    2019 fursuit commissions

    docs.google.com: 2019 fursuit commission form Feng-Kai Hi! Please keep in mind that I am a very strict semi realistic and realistic fursuit maker and I will not do any kind of toony anything on a suit if you are lookig for something toony please look elsewhere. I will only ever offer toony...
  3. D

    Fursuit Head and/or Onesie Style Body

    Hi I'm wondering about fursuits? I'm considering commissioning one, and I'm about to explain exactly what I want. Please read it, and comment what prices I would have to pay you to get each part of what I want. Character...
  4. TesseractFA

    Ideal “Fursona” Package to give to a Fursuit Maker?

    So I’m looking at getting a full fursuit, working one the formalizing the fursona design and searching out example from other fursuits (not copying but more - of I like how those paws look or that tail length is ideal). I’m just wondering (as I bough my partial used) what info package would be...
  5. TheRabbitFollower

    Looking for Custom Suit Makers for future projects!

    Link me your commission information on websites, multiple skill levels welcome! I'd like to keep my options open for my next suit commission. I'm especially interested if you are able to do any of the following: Toony Suits Expressive faces / magnetic eyelids. brows, or tongues Kemono suit...
  6. T

    Looking to make first cheap custom puffy paws, anyone interested in commissioning

    I am looking to make my first pair of puffy paws for someone. They would have the foam in them to give them a puffy/cartoonish look. This is my first time making paws yet I have experience in sewing and creating plushies so I expect it will look okay. They would be pretty cheap if the design in...
  7. XenOrion

    Cheap fursuit/parts "commissions"

    Hey there! I hope this okay to be posting this here! >-< Me and my partner are wanting to start taking fursuit commissions, we have an understanding on how to make a fursuit, making several for ourselves before! However we want to get some more experience on making for other people, dealing...
  8. A

    Looking for a fursuit maker! Details inside.

    Howdy, all! I'm looking into getting a full body fursuit, and was wanting to get into contact with some fursuit makers on here. I'm looking to get a toony styled suit of my fursona, an orange and white tabby cat (ref: fav.me: Spotty Reference 2016 ). I'd like it to be somewhat... well, not super...
  9. R

    In need of a fursuit head maker!!!

    I wanna find a fursuit head maker, I'd prefer if the style was toony!!! I have a budget of 400 dollars, and I really want to commission one soon! I can possibly get more money for it, but I'd really rather it be around 400 dollars. I'm trying to get a fursuit head of my fursona, Rot!
  10. manfred12

    Fursuit Maker wanted. Reference sheet is ready to go

    Hello fursuit makers,
  11. Rant


    So, I'm not sure if this should go here but fursuits are artwork and I am looking to buy in the future. I can't seem to find any artist who fits the bill, some only do fullsuits now, others wont do wings or dragons. The others seem to be dead in the water or severely overbooked. *sighs* Payment...
  12. ice(zachary)

    fursuit maker(OPEN!) you can barggen the price down but not that much

    probaly not the place to post but oh well :3 Hey, Do you want you'er good looking fursona to become a fursuit? Well I am a professional fursuit maker/costume creator, and my rates are very fair. So if you want a fursuit,digigrade partial etc. contact me. I reply to notes here on DA...
  13. ice(zachary)

    fursuit commissions

    want a high quality fursuit for you'er lovely ideas well just well you've come to the right person i do accept monthly payments :3 link to price page: shearmantank.deviantart.com: FURSUIT COMMISSION SHEET
  14. spiralingdragon

    Beginner Fursuiter Offering Lower-Price Fursuits

    Heyoo! Spiral here, offering low cost fursuits. Recently I finished my first 'suit so I don't have much of a portfolio right now, unfortunately. :( But with your help I'd love to build it up and improve my skills as a fursuiter! My only completed piece is a partial 'suit, pictured below, but...