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fursuit first time

  1. B

    How would you put LEDs at The end of an antenna

    So I’m a bit new to the furry fandom and fursuits. I’m making my first fursona and at some point I want to make the fursuit. My fursona has antennas that poke out of the horn area that has stars at the end that I want to light up (possibly turn on and off) What would be the simplest (and...
  2. Pannycake

    Seeking opinions on head progress

    I'm currently working on my fursuit head for my sheep fursona: Here's what I have so far, I need some opinions on it. I feel like it's almost looking like a tiger?? What would you guys do??
  3. CoolCoolSkies

    Your First Fursuit

    This is mainly for those who made their own, and being that I plan on making a dragon cosplay/suit some day soon, I would love to see what I'm in for ahha So ya, show me your first creation! Also, any stories about your creation (what went right, what went wrong) would also be great to hear!