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fursuit for sale

  1. Knife_Sharpener


    Hello, one and all! I've recently decided to part with my Vinegar fursuit, designed by Fursuits by Lacy, for sale on eBay along with some accessories. She's currently going for $1,500 with the option to make offers. PICK UP ONLY IN NYC Here's the listing where you can buy it...
  2. TheKraftyHyena

    Sabretooth premade head for sale

    I recently finished a head only premade and am looking to sell for £500 plus shipping, shipping costs depend on where you're located. The olive green used is hard to get where I'm located but I have enough left if the buyer would want it turned into a mini partial for £800. I do have it up on my...

    Looking To Sell Barely Used Partial Suit

    I didn't make her, but do need to sell her for financial reasons - here's the links, Dealer'sDen and eBay: https://www.thedealersden.com/listing/new-watermelon-t-rex-mini-partial/208172 https://www.ebay.com/itm/154626231426 Info about the suit and character in those links, can also DM me on FA...
  4. Rolo333

    Full Digigrade Fursuit + Charatcter Rights and Extras! Open to offers!

    deleted post (no idea how to delete posts for real atm, sorry)