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fursuit head fur

  1. Z

    Could someone help me find this color of faux fur?

    I am trying to find some faux fur similar in color to this(hex code add8be) I can't seem to find any green faux fur that is light enough or muted enough. I want something pastel and not that vibrant. I also want it to be at least 2" preferably longer.
  2. fuluchan

    (Artistic Liberty) Head Base to be Furred

    I have a fursuit head base that hasn't been furred yet. I commissioned the base initially for a dark purple alpaca character, but I will now leave the head design up to the artist. I'm open to all species and color options. Some of the base is lined with fleece, but I didn't do a great job so...
  3. Indranil

    Hiring for custome fox head modifications

    hello! we have a leather mask we are looking to get retro fitted with fur to make into a close-fitting fursuit head, any help finding someone willing to do it for a reasonable price is much appreciated message me on FA sapphiremoon91 ^_^ thanks!