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fursuit head

  1. Levi_KAZ

    Hiring: Looking for wolf Head/partial/hoodie

    Hello, hello a man is desperate lol I've wanted a fursuit since I first saw them years ago. I finally can afford one! I probably will get more than one, as I have followed some makers I like on twitter already, but I want to try looking here as well. I'm used to being the one offering...
  2. Zip

    Another update! This is what I did Yesterday

  3. Zip

    Commission wip, Pm if interested

  4. UwUCarlaUwU

    Does this work?

    is it alright if i make the head out of paper and cardboard? i know it won't be very good, for a fact XD, but would it work?
  5. Flauschwurm

    Help with a kemono head

    hello kiddos, I am currently in the planning to build my fursona fursuit head. However i have encountered a problemo. I am not going for a usual Toony style bc it really isnt what i like for myself. Instead, the style is more kemono inspired. You see the problem? Her mouth is closed. My...
  6. Rolo333

    (Commission) Selling: Toony Canine Fursuit Head Base for 39.00$

    Lowered to 39$ I need him gone fast, hes worth 200$ in materials alone but I need the money Fursuit Head Base - needs lined and need eyes | eBay
  7. Pannycake

    Sheep Fursuit help?

    So I'm looking into buying fur for my first head, I'm deciding from a few different types. she's a sheep, so for her wool I'm seeing if I can find something curly that's good quality, and the right color- but I don't really know how to tell if a product is quality or not. Can anyone tell me...
  8. Kydashing

    Beginner needing advice for Squirrel Fur Head

    Hey guys, I am thinking about creating a fursuit head from a character from acnl. Its Mint. My friends wanted to cosplay as different characters from there and while i know i don't have the time/money for a full suit, i would like to make the head to start. Any advice or tips for creating a...
  9. zeusaphone

    Critique: Fursuit Head Base planning

    I'm planning out my fursuit head for my character Azula. I drew some sketches as well. Here's Azula: Sketch 1 of 3, showing the shape i'd like the suit head to have: Sketch 2 of 3, showing where the fur is going: And sketch 3 of 3, showing the foam pieces: Is there anything that should...
  10. Peyton-the-Deer

    Super cheap fursuit head comms!

    hey guys!! I really want to practice my fursuit head making (I made my first head and have lots of experience in sculpting) and I'd like to try another. I'm thinking of asking 120-150, depending on the sona. I'd really prefer to keep in the Pensacola area to keep from paying shipping costs...
  11. goth_neopets

    Fursuit Head on a bike helmet?

    Hi there! I'm building my first fursuit of this bird like creature that I draw a lot. I just call it a wiggle bird :) It has a long neck but no eyes, so I'm building it's head above mine with it's muzzle/beak just above my eyebrows and want to use a bike helmet as my base. I'll be able to see...
  12. Doodle Bunny

    I made Squarkle some goggles

    I had no tutorial to work with for fursuit goggles. I basically modified a steampunk goggle thing. Here’s how it turned out: Please be nice to me. This is my first time making fursuit accessories.
  13. MuuMuu

    Cow goes moo

    So I've mostly seen tutorials for how to make canine/feline type heads, but I gotta ask: How does one go about making a bovine/cow type head????
  14. melancholy-dreams

    Fursuit commission (cheap but good quality)

    Hello, I'm trying to get myself out there for fursuit making. I'm keeping my prices as low as I can while keeping the quality and turning a profit, and I do offer payment plans for the commissions, because I get it, money can get tight. If you're interested here is an example:
  15. D

    Fursuit Head and/or Onesie Style Body

    Hi I'm wondering about fursuits? I'm considering commissioning one, and I'm about to explain exactly what I want. Please read it, and comment what prices I would have to pay you to get each part of what I want. Character...
  16. Roxirin

    Making my first fursuit head (need some advice/feedback please :) )!

    Hi all! I've been slowly making my first fursuit head over the last few months (very slowly, I've been taking a lot of art commissions and that takes up a lot of time X) ), and I wondered if I might be able to get some feedback on it and some advice? A few things I feel I need to fix but I'm...
  17. Skakuna

    Tips plz?

    So, today I started making my very first fursuit. Here you can see the resoults of the first day of making: So, except of symethry that needs fixing... Any thoughts so far? Any tips or something? Also, what does it look like to you? I mean, I was aiming at a dog, but I'm not sure if you can see...
  18. S

    Canine Head Needs Critique

    Hello all! I've been working on my second fursuit head and could really use critique on it. I'd like it to be as good as possible. I'm going for a toony style with this dude, but I'm really unsure on how to make the jaw/mouth look like a smile, and I don't know about the facial shape/cheeks/etc...
  19. MythicalMaker

    I Need Another Pair of Eyes for Fursuit Head

    Hello! This is the first time I have made a fursuit head. I have done other projects that are kind of part of the fursuit area, like Saytr legs, but making a head (I have found) is a lot harder than making legs. I understand that it is best to have a reference picture, but the fursuit head I am...
  20. artisticKitsune

    How much does it cost to make a fursuit head/partial and other questions

    So I'm thinking about maybe trying to make a partial fursuit myself (mostly because it's a cheaper option and sounds like a fun project) But I don't know what the average price is for materials or what type of stuff I need (I live in California) I tried looking up tutorials but they're a bit...