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fursuit heads

  1. Pannycake

    Seeking opinions on head progress

    I'm currently working on my fursuit head for my sheep fursona: Here's what I have so far, I need some opinions on it. I feel like it's almost looking like a tiger?? What would you guys do??
  2. R

    In need of a fursuit head maker!!!

    I wanna find a fursuit head maker, I'd prefer if the style was toony!!! I have a budget of 400 dollars, and I really want to commission one soon! I can possibly get more money for it, but I'd really rather it be around 400 dollars. I'm trying to get a fursuit head of my fursona, Rot!
  3. Roxirin

    Glueing Fur Seams (On Head)(Help Needed!)

    Hi all, Before ANYONE starts coming on here all like: 'OMGNOOOO don't glue your seams SEW THEM YOURE THE WORST GLUEING IS A DEATH SENTENCE.etc.etc.', I am fully aware that glue can make the seams more visible, but sewing is not a viable option in my case currently and I also heard that makers...