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fursuit help

  1. Syrin.nyx

    First suit and not sure how I can recolor it.

    I've recently got a bought a pre-owned wolf full suit since the price was in my budget, and it was a decent deal. Though it wasn't perfectly what I wanted I saw potential but I have hit a problem. I have washed the suit (gently and looked up proper care) there was marker or some kind of coloring...
  2. Paunch

    Help identifying a maker

    Hi there, I'm just looking for the maker of this Sergal head. I love the style, particularly the eyes - and I know I've seen suits with this style before - but unfortunately they've all been uncredited on Pinterest so far. I'd love to save up for one of their suits - any help will be greatly...
  3. Flauschwurm

    Help with a kemono head

    hello kiddos, I am currently in the planning to build my fursona fursuit head. However i have encountered a problemo. I am not going for a usual Toony style bc it really isnt what i like for myself. Instead, the style is more kemono inspired. You see the problem? Her mouth is closed. My...
  4. Pannycake

    Sheep Fursuit help?

    So I'm looking into buying fur for my first head, I'm deciding from a few different types. she's a sheep, so for her wool I'm seeing if I can find something curly that's good quality, and the right color- but I don't really know how to tell if a product is quality or not. Can anyone tell me...
  5. Morisith

    handpaw help please :)

    Hello, I've been asked to make a 4 fingered handpaw for a customer - this is normally no problem. But I've gotten picky with my work lately and something have started bothering me. When making 5 fingers every "finger" on the paw fits comfortably on each finger, but when making 4 fingers the...
  6. candyquts

    fur colour match help?

    so my fursona is mostly purple with dark purple markings (as you can see from my avatar!) i found the perfect colour match for her mane base fur (just regular purple) but i'm really struggling to turn up a suitable dark purple. should i give up the search and just use black for her markings, as...
  7. Veevii

    Need Help on Making a Fursuit Head!

    Heyo, okay. So my mom and i want to make a fursuit head for an upcoming convention at the end of the month (August 31st to September 2nd) and so on. We cannot buy a fursuit head due to the fact that we cannot afford the $300+ price most people want us to pay. She thinks it sounds fun, that we...
  8. S

    Canine Head Needs Critique

    Hello all! I've been working on my second fursuit head and could really use critique on it. I'd like it to be as good as possible. I'm going for a toony style with this dude, but I'm really unsure on how to make the jaw/mouth look like a smile, and I don't know about the facial shape/cheeks/etc...
  9. artisticKitsune

    How much does it cost to make a fursuit head/partial and other questions

    So I'm thinking about maybe trying to make a partial fursuit myself (mostly because it's a cheaper option and sounds like a fun project) But I don't know what the average price is for materials or what type of stuff I need (I live in California) I tried looking up tutorials but they're a bit...
  10. Pannycake

    Seeking opinions on head progress

    I'm currently working on my fursuit head for my sheep fursona: Here's what I have so far, I need some opinions on it. I feel like it's almost looking like a tiger?? What would you guys do??
  11. CopperDragoness

    How to Make Fursuit Horns?

    So I've been working on a fursuit of my fursona for a while and I'm not sure how I should make the horns. I'm using a balaclava base and don't have much to attach the horns so I need some horns that are lightweight, and I would like them to look close to what I usually draw my fursona with. I...
  12. PyrestoneAtelier

    Resin Blank Buildup

    Hey everyone, so I got these beautiful resin blanks a while back and have been getting ready to work on them, but unfortunately there is some really dense buildup on some spots of the blank. My seller is new when it comes to resin molds so it's a perfectly understandable glitch, I just need...
  13. M

    Please help me

    Could someone recommend me good fursuit makers that could make a suit with all of these things? (please?) - I have often seen people with tails that are made to stay in one position, but I would like a long, swooshy tail that drags on the ground and moves in all directions -My fursona is a...
  14. Relyt

    Can you help me get my first fursuit and support my YouTube Channel?

    I'm no longer asking for help on a fursuit, I figured it would be best to try and do it on my own like the majority of the fandom. But if you want to check out my youtube channel and help it grow by subscribing, that would be amazing! www.youtube.com: Blu Studios
  15. manfred12

    Fursuit Maker wanted. Reference sheet is ready to go

    Hello fursuit makers,
  16. satokira

    Making a fursuit without fur?

    I apologize if a thread about this already exists here. I tried searching for one but couldn't find anything. I've been wanting to make a partial suit of my main fursona. He lacks fur on certain parts of his body, namely his face, the underside of his arms, and his feet. Does anyone know of a...
  17. DumbDeerGurl

    I need help making the ears

    Today I tried constructing some ears for my first fursuit head, I tried this technique:. I completely messed and now I have to start over. Are there any other ways to make the ears? If anyone can find something that's a little bit easier for me to understand. That would be most helpful.
  18. MakTheHedge01

    Furring help?

    Ok so I sewed my patterns for my fursuit feet but I'm fretting about gluing it down. Should I sew the entire pattern before gluing? Or glue down one pattern at a time. I rly don't want pieces of foam showing if I do the second because that's what happened to my fursuit head. Any pointers, guys...
  19. DumbDeerGurl

    How much?

    What is average yardage total for a full body suit? I know it's different for each person, but can I get a general idea of how much is needed for a 5'6 male?
  20. DumbDeerGurl

    Should I hold off?

    Been working on my first suit and I'm wondering. Should I hold off buying the fur until I absolutely need it? Because right now I'm in the process of foaming the head still, and I'm going to start on the digitgrade legs sometime this coming July. How many yards should I get when I do need it...