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fursuit makers

  1. Fortress Maximus

    Sergal Fursuit Options?

    Hello Everyone. I am in the market for a Partial Sergal Fursuit. I am searching for makers big and small to build my Sergie Boi. Please, I ask the community to give me some pointers and/or refer people who have or are will to make a Sergal. It does not matter to me whether they are open or...
  2. Lemlest

    UK Fursuit Makers!

    Hey everyone! I've been looking into commissioning a fursuit lately, I really want a Don't Hug Cacti suit but unfortunately the shipping + taxes to the UK make it impossible right now. Does anyone know any good reliable fursuit makers in the UK? I know Blue Fox Fursuits, Fix It Fursuits and...
  3. F

    I’m looking to hire a fursuit maker!!!

    hello, my name is Fluffz. I’m currently in the market for a second fursuit with a budget of 1300 usd or 1600$ CAD or 1500$ AUD. I’m very curious of who would like to create my cute folf. I’m basically looking for a partial. I would love to also see your creativity. Your able to contact me...
  4. D

    Any furries in Lodi Northern California?

    Any furries in Northern Lodi, California
  5. CorruptedWaffles

    A mentor to make a suit for a school project.

    My cousin asked me to ask. She wants to make a fursuit for her senior graduation project. However the project demands that you have to have a mentor. Most of it can by over Skype but she has to meet the mentor 5 times for an hour each time. She also has to have a photo with the mentor. Does...