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  1. TomTamBlack

    Looking for stylist for holistic graphic concept for my sona.

    A fluffy hello, I'm looking for a graphic designer who will create stickers, badges, emojis, business cards, postcards, etc. for me in addition to a refsheet. The aim is to create a fursuit with the refsheet and to adapt the other graphics to the suit accordingly. The suit is in kemono style and...
  2. Miyuki_Uni

    I worked on a partial fursuit starting on October 1st and finished October 30th

    So like I got the impulse to make a fursuit around the end of september and decided I would make it my halloween project, this thread is for me to show the process from start to finish to all of y'all and to share what I learned and things I figured out over the course of this month as I do...
  3. chadack

    I film my local furry meetup.

    I film my local fur meet Feel free to pop by my the YouTube channel, Jabzphotos. But here is the most recent one, took me a while all day editing this due to crashing but I got there. SBFM Meet up video.
  4. L

    Fursuiting with Exposed Skin: Public vs. Fandom Reactions

    In the past, I've seen vids and pics of fursuiters who have fursuited with skin showing, such as partialing while wearing short-sleeved clothing (a.k.a. poodling). On one hand, wearing a fullsuit or the weather itself can be hot (or whatever other problems they may have that prevents them from...
  5. Vanessa Howl

    White Dog Fursuit For Sale (Dead)

    Null on account of pictures not working. Thank you for your interest.
  6. Vanessa Howl

    White Dog Fursuit For Sale (Dead)

  7. L

    Laws on Public Fursuiting in Hawaii

    Ever since I learned about fursuiting in public, I've been looking foward to the day that I can do it because it look so much fun. One of the places that I've been considering to do it is in Hawaii. However, as fun as it seems, I had wondered if it was legal, so I did some researching of the...
  8. Kinkerreed


  9. Vermilion

    (Commission) Selling: Nearly Complete Fursuit Head

    All it needs is some white fur to finish it or you can take it apart for parts. Do whatever you want with it. I've lost interest and all motivation to finish this piece. Their name is Skittles and stylized after the candy. Fits general head size and can be immediately sent as is when purchased...
  10. spiralingdragon

    Commissions Open!

    Terms of Service | Price Guide E-mail: Sloan.Dragonmade@gmail.com DeviantArt | FurAffinity | Instagram Hey there! I'm trying to get back into fursuit-making after a few years hiatus (irl got...real rough there for a while...) Above I've linked my terms of service, my price guide, and also a...
  11. WereWOLFovna

    (Commission) Selling: Wolf Factory Comission OPEN

    Fur Affinity Instagram Twitter Wolf Factory ⚠⚠⚠ INFORMATION AND PRICES ⚠⚠⚠ If my price is high for you, there are many other masters. I do not work with other people's materials, Because I use only high-quality and proven materials. I do not alter other people's work, Because it is...
  12. Knife_Sharpener


    Hello, one and all! I've recently decided to part with my Vinegar fursuit, designed by Fursuits by Lacy, for sale on eBay along with some accessories. She's currently going for $1,500 with the option to make offers. PICK UP ONLY IN NYC Here's the listing where you can buy it...
  13. Ressicle

    Hiring: Looking to commission fursuit partial!

    Hi so I'm a complete newb at this so please bare with me!! I am looking to get a fursuit partial of my Halloween baby here! I'll be honest, they don't really have a species. Maybe some sort of goat/dino? Who knows! I'm looking to get a partial made of them. I tried making a fursuit by myself...
  14. Smalldoggy1010

    430$ realistic airbrushed wolf head

  15. Smalldoggy1010

    Airbrushed Realistic Wolf .

  16. S

    Selling Hybrid Fursuit

    Still haven't found a home for this baby. I'm selling her for $2,220 with old design character rights. Name and personality must be changed. I'll accept payment plans if they're short. I also don't do refunds because I can't guarantee that I can refund your money. Payment must be made through...
  17. Smalldoggy1010

    Fursuit partial for sale . New. On ebay

  18. K

    Tanya Turtle Fursuit or Figure Anthro Doll Reference Sheet Idea

    There is a way if turtle anthros can have beaks that opens their jaws to see the humanlike teeth. i like the way that turtles are one of a nerdiest reptiles in the animal kingdom, that shows the mood for nerdy scalie culture, you can use this as a fursuit as for furry cosplaying in anthrocon and...
  19. juchanstudio

    (Commission) Selling: HEAD FURSUIT WHITE WOLF

    This is my Second Head -$350 Dollars (internacional) free shipping for USA For other countries would need to calculate the shipping So i want to sell this Head because i want to buy New materials for do more Heads. If you want tail and paws talk with me it's my second head there will be...
  20. F


    Hello everyone! I’m happy to say that I’m open to make 1 full suit for a premade character! This will be my first suit so I’m afraid I don’t have examples but I have years of sewing and costume experience and wanted to try something new. This suit will be: -kemono style -digitigrade Will have...