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  1. JoeStrike

    Looking for folks to share my MFF room!

    That is, if I win one in the lottery. I'm looking for 3 folks who like me are travelling on a budget and don't mind sharing a double bed with a total stranger (unless 2 people who know each other are interested) - strictly for sleeping! I'm planning to stay 4 nights (Thursday through Sunday), so...
  2. Punk_M0nitor

    Best Materials for Realistic Reptiles?

    I'm thinking about making a realistic or semi-realistic partial suit of my fursona, a lace monitor, but I'm not sure what material I should use. For reference, this is what monitor lizard scales look like: Is there a type of leather that might match or mimic this texture? If so, I'd appreciate...
  3. Levi_KAZ

    Hiring: Looking for wolf Head/partial/hoodie

    Hello, hello a man is desperate lol I've wanted a fursuit since I first saw them years ago. I finally can afford one! I probably will get more than one, as I have followed some makers I like on twitter already, but I want to try looking here as well. I'm used to being the one offering...
  4. Lioedevon427

    How much would you estimate a head of my sona would go for?

    Here’s an example ref I did, but if you have a rough cost estimate I would really appreciate it! (Especially if you’re a suit maker). I’m looking to go to Goldenstate in ’22, so I’d like to start saving up
  5. ScaredStoked

    To those who find realistic fursuits creepy, why?

    I absolutely love realistic fursuits, and would love to have a try at making one of them. However, I know a lot of people, especially non-furries, find this style of suits to be creepy. So I must ask, to those of you who do find them to be unnerving, what is it about them that causes that...
  6. Tyediedtoon

    Fursuit making help?

    I know how to do everything else including the hat, I'm just not sure what I should do for the eyes and hair. Could I get a few suggestions? For the eyes I was just thinking puting tight woven white buckram over where the eye sockets would be. (I don't really want to look out of the nose or...
  7. Tacoshark

    Potentially interested in full fursuit commission

    Hello I am looking into potentially commissioning a full suit for my sona. I am curious to prospect those that might be able to make one for a shark sona. Features I would like would be a digitigrade suit, moving jaws, long tail (long as you can make). Bonus features I would pay extra for...
  8. PeachesTheWolf

    Saving up for your dream suit

    Hey, so, I just figured I would come on here and ask some furs potentially on how they saved up/budgeted for their fursuit(s). While I can make fursuit heads myself, I do recognize that the ones that I make (especially since they're really only held up by glue and a prayer), are not built to...
  9. WimexSeven

    Upholstery foam question

    So I need to make a cosplay and I'm going to use the method of making a fursuit to create it, but I'm looking around for rolls of upholstery foam(Australia btw) to make the base for it and there are is a bunch of different densities when it comes to it. What kind of density foam works best for...
  10. CuteVixen

    Questions about fursuit whiskers

    Hi! just out of curiosity, I have some questions about fursuit whiskers since I plan on making a cat fursuit (who is an oc and not a fursona) as my second fursuit :> I was wondering what materials are made for fursuit whiskers? Has anyone made them with scoubi strings before? Is scoubi strings...
  11. D

    Post fursuiters you love

    Plain and simple. Lets all share suiters in the fandom that we enjoy, be it suit design, or character. Also, if you are a suiter yourself, I would love to see you in the thread as well. I'll start with Pocari Roo <3
  12. Trevorbluesquirrel

    Free Fursuit Head Raffle!

    Go enter now, closes Feb 20th! (22) TheKareliaFursuits on Twitter: "Today is my birthday and to celebrate I'm giving away a free fursuit head! Rules: Follow this account and retweet this tweet. Comment with your ref sheet. 10 candidates will be picked on February 20th and 1 winner will be...
  13. hyenaspike


    hi everyone. i desperately need to sell my mini partial suit. it’s well made, comes with head, tail and paws along with many extras. preferably shipping to the UK unless the buyer is happy to pay all shipping costs to anywhere else. will be going cheap because of urgency!!! please message me...
  14. Trevorbluesquirrel


    Go here to enter! Ends Jan 1!
  15. PrincessKon

    Kemono fursuit makers

    Hi everyone! I was wondering what makers are out there that make Kemono suits. The best example I can give of what I'd like is in the style of Eclair and Chiharu from TashiroYu on furafinity. I like the flat-ish faces along with the wigs! I don't have enough money now but I want to save up for...
  16. Sinamuna

    Question from a non-fursuiter: What got you into it?

    I've always found fursuits to be... unsavory and fairly creepy if I'm honest. I'm not a hater, nor would I bash anyone for doing it (especially if they're having fun and not harming themselves/others). But... it's always been one of those bizarre things I could never wrap my head around. In my...
  17. Magelet

    Hiring: Looking to Commission Someone for Realistic Raven Tail

    Hi folks! While I've been working on my raven shaman partial all by myself, it's been a rough ride and I'm hoping to just commission another artist for my tail! I'm in the US and currently prefer someone within my country to commission due to shipping problems during the pandemic but I'm not...
  18. AscendantServalynx

    First Fursuit Head haha

    I've been working on my main sona for a while. Starting in June and making improvements (such as actually sewing the open seams and lining the mouth) from there! I didn't duct tape pattern the markings (the small stripes are sewn over this time) but I intend to next suit Any more advice for my...
  19. ThatProtoBoi


    I'm trying to make a protogen head, and have the electronics and materials worked out, and am eyeing the Kaiborg studios parts, but Don't want to pay upwards of 60 dollars for each component, and I am looking for a frame to build the head on. Is it worth it or are there alternatives?
  20. S

    second ever head base, advice appreciated

    Heya, this is only my second ever head base and I would really like some veteran advice. I already know he needs more foam for fluffy cheeks, a bigger smile, and smaller ears, But is there anything else I can do to make him more aesthetically nice to look at or more wolf-like?