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  1. JoeStrike

    Looking for folks to share my MFF room!

    That is, if I win one in the lottery. I'm looking for 3 folks who like me are travelling on a budget and don't mind sharing a double bed with a total stranger (unless 2 people who know each other are interested) - strictly for sleeping! I'm planning to stay 4 nights (Thursday through Sunday), so...
  2. hazmat_doormat

    Making a fursuit in an unconventional style

    How would you guys approach making a partial fursuit in a kind of dark cartoony style, a bit like a Tim Burton drawing? I’m finding it difficult to see how I could get that level of detail on a suit. In particular I’d like the eyes to have slit pupils like a cat, but for there to be no coloured...
  3. FluffyShutterbug

    Favorite Fursuiter?

    Probably not the first time this has appeared here, but what's each user's favorite fursuiter? Mine is Firefly Wolfy!
  4. A

    Farewell, Kaarosu

    Carlos Welington Silva Junior, a German femboy fursuiter known for his Kaarosu character, has taken his own life after struggling with depression. While Carlos often posted to Facebook with what appeared to be attention-baiting due to being very dismissive towards genuine advice but quick to...
  5. P

    That's it. That's honestly it. I can't hold this back any longer.

    What was once here was a long, rambling, pathetic, childish post that I'm now to embarrassed by to keep. Got rid of it.
  6. deep_fried_dog

    Kemono Fursuiters

    Hey! I'm looking for a fursuit maker that makes kemono fursuits. It only needs to be a partial one (paws, feet and head). The price isn't really too important, since I'd rather see the suggestions than not :> Other details (which are just preferences): bean paws (flat paws) straight low-padded...
  7. D

    Fursuit Head and/or Onesie Style Body

    Hi I'm wondering about fursuits? I'm considering commissioning one, and I'm about to explain exactly what I want. Please read it, and comment what prices I would have to pay you to get each part of what I want. Character...
  8. Elf621

    Disabled and wanting a fursuit/accessories...

    I am disabled (missing the fingers on my right hand from birth) Are there any other disabled furries or fursuiters that I can talk to and/or get advice on my suiter journey from?
  9. Elf621

    Hey guys, I'm new here and to the fur community as a whole!

    I recently attended an anime convention as I have for about 7 years now. I am always amazed by the costumes/cosplays, but the ones that make me some of the happiest are the fursuiters. I saw one at my latest con and was instantly overcome with joy as they allowed me to skritch their head and...
  10. spiralingdragon

    Beginner Fursuiter Offering Lower-Price Fursuits

    Heyoo! Spiral here, offering low cost fursuits. Recently I finished my first 'suit so I don't have much of a portfolio right now, unfortunately. :( But with your help I'd love to build it up and improve my skills as a fursuiter! My only completed piece is a partial 'suit, pictured below, but...
  11. Cobalteus

    What Is Your Favorite Type Of Fursuit?

    So I am not going to get a suit anytime soon but I was just wondering types of suits you guys(or gals) like. So here are some questions I have for y'all. Do you prefer 2d or 3d eyes? Do you prefer moving mouths or mouths that stay in one position? Digitigrade or Standard? Cartoony or Realistic...
  12. A

    OPEN for Fullsuit Commission

    Hey guys! I've never posted here before but I'm offering a custom full suit! Basic details include.. -Foam Head -Toony style eyes -Digi or plantigrade -Minimum $1500 Maximum $2000 for suit cost -Half up front and half when all finished with frequent updates! If you're interested or would like...
  13. ElectraTheFox

    Looking for Fursuiters for a Webshow!

    Hey there!, I don't have a fursuit so I cannot fill this role. The webshow that I am a part of is called Kermit and Friends, and the hostess Elisa Jordana loves Furries! She has entrusted me the executive producer, and booking manager, to find her some furries for her show. We request our...