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  1. V

    Looking for a new Furry Positive Group On Facebook? Look No Further!

    Hello. My name is Violet! I am here for peace! I created a positive group on fb for everyone to join!! Please Join Furry Allies! Together we can create a safe space that includes both Fur folk and Allies! At the moment, I am looking for moderators and Admins who would help me regulate the posts...
  2. FluffyShutterbug

    Favorite Fursuiter?

    Probably not the first time this has appeared here, but what's each user's favorite fursuiter? Mine is Firefly Wolfy!
  3. Ancert.Reovolt

    Cameraman for hire

    Camera man commissions for Fursuiters available. $22.00 per day plus the cost of a 32gb SD card per camera (please provide brand new cards only). Available in Toronto. Transportation assistance required if you are filming elsewhere. It doesn't matter how many subscribers you have on your...
  4. x_eleven

    It Finally Happened

    Anyone remember THE CSI episode that will live in Furry infamy: "Fur and Loathing"? After 15 long years, it's happened again: another TV series featuring furries at a furcon: Lucifer. Oh, and it's a crime drama. and some of the same people are involved in Lucifer that were involved in "Fur and...
  5. craftyandy

    Super Sexy Furry Music Video By CraftyAndy Midwest Furfest

    Great time and hope you enjoy the video, song Everything by Nine Inch Nails starring starrik kyrubui Sugio/ suit pepper Syler Tyzin Dragon Michael Ringtail @Bigbadmutt tele Keiran Goldenwolf Kraz-Dempfox on FA IDINGO PORSCHE Cantus Buldinn girshovich You Can use clips for anything, just credit...
  6. Elf-cat

    Top 11 break the magic moments