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  1. PeachesTheWolf

    Saving up for your dream suit

    Hey, so, I just figured I would come on here and ask some furs potentially on how they saved up/budgeted for their fursuit(s). While I can make fursuit heads myself, I do recognize that the ones that I make (especially since they're really only held up by glue and a prayer), are not built to...
  2. Kope

    Anyone else afraid of the future?

    We are uncertain times and things seem crazier everyday. Being self isolated and lonely doesn’t help either. Just seeing if anyone feels the same.
  3. I

    Blind Engineer Invents Smart Cane to Help People Navigate

    Today, many products have been reinvented through technology. From smart planters to smart TVs, the power of technology doesn’t surprise us anymore. While many of the newest technological creations are dedicated to entertainment, there are many which contribute to our well being, especially to...
  4. M

    Does anybody know of an online blog or magazine that has a “Future Tech of the month” feature?

    I’m looking for an amateur blog online or a science magazine that talks postulates a future/sci-fi tech/science/Idea/Concept in the style of an “of the Month” feature. I already watch Isaac Arthur but I want something I can read. It doesn’t necessarily have to be in English (I can translate it)...
  5. TheArtOfDHT

    I Have Two Books Self Published

    " Nightstorm City and the N-50 Riots Siblings must bring peace to warring factions, after a terrifying discovery. Did I mention they are cybernetic cartoon characters. Kelna's Marble Dr Mohammed falls in love with enigmatic woman named Alya, who happens to be from a miniature universe...
  6. CertifiedCervine

    Wow, how this decade has changed

    So, I was flipping through the internet, and found this video reflecting internet memes and pop culture from around 2010-2013 I was quite suprised! I had almost forgotten about so many of these things! How time has changed! Pop culture has changed, New technology has been invented, People seem...
  7. L

    Life Questions for the Older Furs

    I'm in a bit of a rut worrying about my future and all since it's about to be my last year in high school...but I'm overall just curious about everyone here and hope this isn't breaching too much into people's privacy. What were some of your aspirations or things you wanted to be in the past...
  8. I

    How will we treat future AI?

    We have all seen movies and read books regarding futuristic AI beings with incredibly complex emotions, free will, and self awareness. They can seem convincingly human when interacting with them, and can cause us to emit the same emotions we feel as we do with fellow human beings or intelligent...
  9. AustinB

    What would you like to see happen in the future?

    I’d like to see better pay in America. Income inequality seems to be only getting worse, and going on a seemingly endless 9-5 cycle for barley enough money to get by deserves a bit more than what we’re currently getting, imo. The rich keep on getting richer, and the poor keep on getting poorer...
  10. wolvykasu

    futuristic feline auction

    this auction start at 5 euros, so come and bid ! link : www.furaffinity.net: Feline anthro auction - OPEN (set 004) by wolvykasu
  11. M

    A-Z book for adults; literary agent rejected the children's book

    A literary agent rejected my children's book on A-Z future technologies. Now I'm going to try it for adults but I feel my list is too generic. I made it so kids could understand it. Now I'm doing it for adults so their is no handicap. Here's my list Antimatter rocket Brain implant Clone DNA...
  12. M

    Last thread for awhile, I promise. A-Z book of sci-fi/future tech

    My project idea has changed. I'm writing an A-Z book of futuristic/sci-fiesque technologies for children in order to get them interested in science. I already have my own A-Z list, but I'd love to see if anyone else has a good A-Z list
  13. M

    Limits of science

    What would be a great future invention in each of these fields of science? Be creative and out of the box for each. Something I haven't thought of yet 1.) Astrophysics 2.) Biochemistry 3.) Botany 4.) Geology 5.) Medicine 6.) Physics 7.) Psychology 8.) Computers 9.) Anthropology 10.)...
  14. M

    What 25 inventions does humanity NEED to create?

    What 25 inventions do scientists need to create in order to "live long and prosper". I have a lot of ideas but I'm always looking for creative, fresh ideas.
  15. M

    My future world timeline- feedback?

    What do you think? This is my timeline of the future of the world. I just need 5 future ideas for each era. It can be an invention, scientific discovery, technology etc. Thanks Era 1: Post-Information Age (circa 2020-2060) --the immediate future Era 2: Fusion Age (2060-2100) --the advent of...
  16. M

    My Future World

    We are currently living in the Information Age. The next ages of humanity that I predict are as follows 1. The Post-Information Age -not too far in the future. Maybe 20 years 2.The Fusion Age -the discovery of sustainable fusion power ushers in a new era of unlimited energy and end of fossil...
  17. M

    Future invention timeline

    I am trying to make a timeline from. 2017 to 2050 with each year having one future invention. One invention per year, so 33 ideas. I am well aware of Futuretimeline.net and I do NOT like it. I'm looking for original creative ideas. Thanks!
  18. AustinB

    The future of humanity

    How do you see the future of humanity? Do you think we'll be traveling in outer space on spaceships with super advanced technology? Or do you think we'll go extinct before the century ends? Do you think we'll be the same? Where do you see humanity in the future? You can get philosophical if you...
  19. Corrupt-Canine

    "Unfamiliar Frontier" RP thread

    I decided to make my own RP thread. It will be focused on a setting that takes place in a futuristic alternate world but still has many modern world technologies. So let's get to the point: Your characters will be put into a strange world that doesn't even look like it appears on the timeline...
  20. JokerHart

    Seeking an artist for comic practice

    I'm a writer who wants to get into comics! I have so many ideas, but we've gotta start somewhere, right? So here's the deal? Any artists aspiring to get into the comic scene, want practice, or so on, hit me up! I do not currently have much writing available to public ally show (for reasons) but...