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  1. Tangeluscious

    Been using FA for almost 3 weeks but can't seem to get my gallery to show up in my profile

    Hey everyone! Lime here, first of all so sorry if this thread has been made before, I can't seem to find anything about this issue So I'm new to FA, I like how reminiscent it is to old dA as it has felt familiar to browse and upload stuff and that's really cool c: However (as the title says) I...
  2. FemboyMorrigan

    Thumbnails not working

    I've posted some arts on my account and wanted to insert a Thumbnail, but for some reason everytime that I upload it, it just refuses to appear. Ir doesn't give any error message or something like that. Someone have any Idea why that happens?
  3. E

    Main Site Filter galleries and favourites by content type (stories/art/photography etc)

    The advanced search has an option to filter results based on the type of content. Using that filter, you can limit the search results to only include stories, or only include visual art, and I find that feature really useful. Is it possible to do the same when viewing a user's gallery, or when...
  4. Omny87

    Fast Gallery Transfer to Weasyl?

    I've had an account at Weasyl for a long time, but have only recently started actually using it, and I'm slowly but surely posting my FA gallery there. But at the moment it's more "slowly" than "surely". I know there used to be a special tool or software that allowed for automatic transfer of...
  5. BunnyMouseFox

    Sketchbook: BunnyMouseFox Sketchbook

    Wanted to make one of these :) Here is some of my recent art!
  6. Lorel

    Main Site Folders unsortable

    I recently added a new folder to my FA gallery and wanted to sort it into it's correct position. Only to then find out that the sorting doesn't work proper anymore. You click on an arrow and either nothing happens or the folder is just randomly pushed somewhere. It's super annoying. This is...
  7. P

    Sketchbook: Art by Puddinsticks

    **Edit; Please don't ask me to draw you 'freebies', and please don't try to befriend me just for free art. If I'm going to draw gifts, I'd like it to be when inspired by a design or for people I'm on friendly terms with. Thank you for understanding and respecting my feelings. I also am not...
  8. T

    Main Site Universal Blacklist?

    When I'm browsing, I often have to type the same things, @keyword and the !(bad stuff). Could there be a 'universal blacklist' on your Preferences that, once you enter in these 'blacklisted' tags, automatically removes them from your search results?
  9. Doodle Bunny

    Sketchbook: I just do all the things...

    Might as well post what I do here. I dabble in a lot of different things, so it’s left me without much of an artistic identity. But lawd knows I try! Here’s some digital art I’m proud of: Outside that, I animate a little: www.furaffinity.net: Cleaner Mlem by...
  10. Orcashia

    Organizing my submissions

    With my new submissions I have been able to put them in the 'sculpture' folder. I also have a folder titled 'photography', which was made eons ago. I went into my gallery and I was wondering if there is a way to put things in the different folders so that all my sculptures are in that folder...
  11. Kyoukiaoitatsu

    Request: Offerings for Artist Inspiration

    I have a plethora of characters up for being drawn. I love to help artists find inspiration as well as helping to advertise my favorites. And of course I love getting new arts for my brain children. Seeing them in all different styles. Since I can not always afford to commission art because of...
  12. mareenaicefin

    [CLOSED] SFW - Need to flesh out my gallery

    [CLOSED: All requests completed] Hello fellow furs, I'm quite new to fur affinity and have been having fun with my fursona Mareena. However, now my gallery is all TEAL. XD I'm wanting to get a bit of practice drawing different characters, species and so forth. Any requests will be posted to...
  13. Maro

    Sketchbook: Art burned on wood

    Hello! 3 years ago I bought a pyrograph, a tool for woodburning. I just was curious what is it, it was so cheap and I thought i'll just play with it for a while and probably won't do anything nice. But things changed, I started to really like pyrography, the art technique of burning things on...
  14. snizard

    Open to all opinion

    Hello I'm snizard ^-^ I would have your feedback and know what do you think about my gallery. All comments are welcomed Userpage of snizard -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
  15. S

    [BETA] No Back or Next Buttons When Viewing Art In Gallery??

    So I recently changed to the BETA version of FA and I can't believe it's not being advertised on the front page to let people know it's even there and to try it out. Because it's pretty damn amazing. It just feels so much more modern and is just overall a more visually pleasing set up. And yet...
  16. Doodle Bunny

    Doodles' Doodles

    Hi everybody! I'm Doodles the bunny and I'm here to show off some art! My FA is here: Userpage of doodlebunny -- Fur Affinity [dot] net if you want to follow that. You can talk to me there or talk to me here. I'd just love to talk to you! Without further ado, here's some work I've done. Boop...
  17. quentinwolf

    Page Count at the bottom of User Galleries

    I sent in a Feature Request via the Bug Report system (as it has/had an option for "Feature Request" there) back in 2015.... ( Trouble Ticket for Admins to look up if required: #103906 ) I updated the ticket once more in 2016, and as such, nothing has been done on it. So here I am in the...
  18. Dakinu

    Free (to use) Fursona Folder?

    I've noticed on role play sites that people like using other people's artwork for their own characters without permission. As annoying as this action is, I propose an alternative: a gallery of free to use artwork for role play and reference purposes. This "Free Fursona Folder" (working title)...
  19. SandraMJ

    SandraMJ'S Hunk gallery

    With more than hunks, of course, but mainly hunks! I'd love for y'all to come take a look (and hey, I take commissions... just saying!) Check it out here!
  20. Noxeorn

    My art~

    Hello! I just want to start posting my works not only at FA site, but here too ^^ I won't upload all of it, because it's too many. So, just a few of recent works c: If you click on picture, you'll go to FA page with it~ p.s. I draw in various ways: traditional drawing, digital painting or...