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game characters

  1. Aquasystem

    Weirdest video game character you simp for?

    I have one, there's this one boss in Genshin Impact I find hot,idk why but this guy is just mighty fine for me what about you? what's yours?
  2. GrayMech

    M/M want to rp as characters from games/cartoons on discord

    i want to try RPing as characters from games and cartoons, willing to top or bottom, i like to really get into character and take on their personality. some characters i want to try RPing as: panthro from 2011 thundercats, bowser, pete from disney, king genn greymane and thrall from world of...
  3. Draakc from State Farm

    What video game character does your fursona look most like?

    I would say mine would be Grim Matchstick from cuphead
  4. Plagued

    Hiring: [Closed for Now]Looking for Artist for NSFW Game

    [Closed until I can sort through the current amazing art] Currently making a shortlist of artists for 2D platformer. Humans, Monsters, Humanoid Monsters. Artwork needed: Portraits, Full body(clothed/unclothed), NSFW, but nothing too extreme, weapons, armor. In some cases I will need the same...
  5. G

    Can anyone help me with mod for Skyrim ?

    Welp... English is not my native language (you just should know it in case of misunderstanding). I wanna find mod for character editor without limits. I mean ... i just wanna make my character bigger ( i know about one command, but it's just make him higher), his muscles bigger :3 . I tried to...
  6. Wing Dancer

    Sprite commission for game

    Hello, I'm looking for a sprite artist capable of creating animated spritesheets or single characters/props for a game I'm developing. This month's budget: 50$ Annual budget: 200$/month (I'd prefer to establish a long time cooperation) What I'm looking for (as much as I can explain, being...
  7. LinnyChanPL

    Payday 2 themed pic? :D (We can make this a collab/trade!)

    THIS WILL BE LONG. So please read it carefully :D Soooo. This idea popped to my mind today. I played a lot of PD2 with my friends recently. I really would like to create a nice gift pic for them, including our gang as our fursonas. Thing is I really don't think my style of drawing would fit...