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game dev

  1. silkyfangs

    My romantic RPG 'Tropical Hearts' is now LIVE on Steam!

    I'm very excited to announce that my indie game Tropical Hearts will soon be available on Steam! Our Steam Store has been approved, meaning that Tropical Hearts can now be Wishlisted! https://store.steampowered.com/app/2195690/Tropical_Hearts/ We're aiming for our Early Access to go live in...
  2. berry

    Hello! Hello! Hello!

    What’s going on, everybody! My name is Berry! I’ve been active on FA for a few months and decided to join the forum a few weeks ago! I’m a game developer and writer from the U.S. My sona is a panda who’s also the mascot for my studio. I love getting commissions and YCHs made of him! My username...
  3. H

    Please check out/Support my free Visual Novel!

    Hey everyone! I'm HyenaDev. This is a thread for my in-progress Visual Novel, London's Aesop. What is this? London's Aesop is an LGBT/Furry visual novel set in Britain's glorious capital. You step into the shoes of Ethan Lockwood, a lonely young man with a heart full of secrets. A night out...
  4. Lunarthewolf

    I made a game about my fursona

    Please check it out, it's completely free: Game Jolt - Indie games for the love of it
  5. D

    Looking for 3D artists to collab with to save flash content

    I have no idea if this is the right section to post this in so forgive me if I put it in the wrong one! I'm a game dev and recently finished a 3D model viewer/refsheet program. I know a ton of 3D artists used flash to make turntables to show off their work but with flash dying all of these will...
  6. Lea.Tigris

    Any Game Devs here?

    I'm curious to know how many people in our community are in the games industry! Be it in big studios or indipendently. Don't need to give details. We all know NDA is a thing and we don't want to be bugged about projects we're on. But I'd love to know how many of us there are! Maybe we could...
  7. kiaazad

    (Other) Selling: Create your own games from your characters art and story ($500 and up)

    Have you ever wanted to see the characters you've creating in a game? Do you have a story to tell but just writing it down doesn't seem enough? I'm here to help you turn your idea, art and story into games. With my skill set, I can help you from the idea bouncing stage all the way to the finish...
  8. IdleCanvas

    Concept Artist Seeking Project

    Portfolio, idlecanvas.artstation.com: Idle Canvas Hi, I'm an industry concept artist seeking a project. Naturally paid work comes first as priority but small (1-2 month) unfunded part time projects may be considered. I'm not looking to "Design Your OC" etc, this is aimed at visual development...