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game development

  1. silkyfangs

    My romantic RPG 'Tropical Hearts' is now LIVE on Steam!

    I'm very excited to announce that my indie game Tropical Hearts will soon be available on Steam! Our Steam Store has been approved, meaning that Tropical Hearts can now be Wishlisted! https://store.steampowered.com/app/2195690/Tropical_Hearts/ We're aiming for our Early Access to go live in...
  2. KresiekTheFurry

    Game Ideas

    Hello to whoever is reading this, I'm currently making a furry style adventure/action game, I'll give a basic story overview on what this game is about. This game is about a furry who explores a dark world where it's almost been completely abandoned and he needs to defeat a "ghost furry" almost...
  3. KresiekTheFurry

    Currently looking for ideas/concepts for my game development project.

    I started working on a 3D anthro animal/furry game with a few friends irl around a week back, as of right now we we're just preparing ourselves for possibly two to three years of work. All we have in mind right now is that we want this game to be an adventure/platforming game, there is currently...
  4. SkyCorp

    Hiring: Seeking furry artist(s) for transformation game project (paid, nsfw)

    Hello! I make a certain transformation video game (here is my FA page). I'm seeking to work with more artists in future to create artwork to accompany game updates. So if you like to draw NSFW furry artwork (especially with transformation themes!) and have some time available, please send...
  5. KD142000

    Your thoughts on my project

    Hey, all! Wasn't sure exactly where to post this. It does concern a game, but it's not made yet...and I'm looking for a community response. Confusing, what? So, I recently had the idea of making a furry-themed dating game. I've got the basic idea down: You start out on a dating site and then...
  6. Plagued

    Hiring: [Closed for Now]Looking for Artist for NSFW Game

    [Closed until I can sort through the current amazing art] Currently making a shortlist of artists for 2D platformer. Humans, Monsters, Humanoid Monsters. Artwork needed: Portraits, Full body(clothed/unclothed), NSFW, but nothing too extreme, weapons, armor. In some cases I will need the same...
  7. Anoua

    Eliyo - Kickstarter February 5th! Adventure Awaits!

    Eliyo is a virtual pet site currently in open beta with a kickstarter set to launch next week! Check out the Kickstarter Preview In Eliyo you play as an adventurer capturing and training elons. Elons are intelligent animals that are driven to fight. They are unique with different colors...
  8. T

    Any game developers here?

    I've been making games for a hobby for years now. I'm interested in knowing if programming or game developing in general is popular with the furry community. (I'm new to all of this furry stuff, but am pleased to meet you all. ^^')
  9. Lea.Tigris

    Any Game Dev Furs Around Here?

    Hey Guys, So I'm an aspiring game developer. Specialised in 3D art and have a decent handle on 2D art and a basic understanding on Unreal Engine. But I want to know if there are any other Game Dev Furs around? I'm hoping if there are a few of us and we get on well, maybe we could try making...
  10. quoting_mungo

    Anyone have experience developing 2D games in C#/Unity?

    I have a game project in mind that I started working out over a year ago at this point. If you're familiar with Corruption of Champions, think something similar without the world-saving and the weird morality scale, and a more graphical UI. My initial plan was to work in Flash (I've previously...
  11. A

    Kickstarter: Eden's Last Sunrise by Sungazer Software

    Hey. A week ago Sungazer Software, also known as Space Lizard, launched a Kickstarter for his second commercial project, Eden's Last Sunrise. You may have seen the ad on the Fur Affinity home page. This project is rather important to me as the developer is a great friend and mentor to me and I...