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game developmet

  1. Kertit

    The game you always wanted but that doesn't exist (yet)

    Howdy people! Nobodies know me here so let me introduce me very quick: I'm Kertit, french 26 artist, kind of part of the furry community (im not that much involved in it but I still like it!) I'm currently unemployed, but I'm an Unreal Engine 5 user/developer. have done many few things with it...
  2. M

    Future invention point system game. Help and feedback?

    I'm making a game where you invent a future invention and for each invention you gain 5 points until you reach 100. Each 5 points unlocks a future invention Here's what I have so far +5 James Webb Space telescope +10 Quantum computer +15 Fusion reactor +20 Fusion rocket Does anybody have...
  3. S

    A Wolf Dating Sim Feedback...?

    Hey yo!! I'm fairly new in the furry community and i want to ask, are any of you interested in a dating simulator but with wolves?? Is currently just a concept so there's not much to show and i'm both the writer and the artist while my bff is the designer and programmer The player is a female...