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  1. Yakamaru

    Fire the person above you

    Similar to "Ban the person above you", you just fired the person who posted above you. Why did they get fired?
  2. R

    Game: Write a TF story for the user above you!

    The ruuuuules are simple! Write a short transformation story based on a species sent by the above poster! Then send what you'd like to turn into! Try to be as detailed as possible! If the above poster doesn't send a species, turn them into whatever you want! For the first TF, make me an anthro...
  3. Plouc the Dragon

    My 'Tower Unite' Style Clone Game Logos and User Interface

    Heya, I'm post my artworks due my main site account being suspended for a week. So, I wanted to post some of the stuff I made with GIMP, like game logos and user interfaces. ----- Game Logos & Icons ----- User Interfaces (Main and Pregnancy Progression)
  4. Sodasats20

    Random noises thread

    Post random noises here Nyeh
  5. Sodasats20

    The user above is hella gay

    Declare the user above you hella gay
  6. Sodasats20

    If your fursona was a final boss, what would it’s soundtrack be?

    Basically just the description Mine would be this
  7. Sodasats20


    (Does distraction dance)
  8. Sodasats20

    Song lyric posting

    You post lyrics of the song if you recognize it No more than 2 verses at a time After someone else goes it can be your turn again There right there! Look at that tanned, well tinted skin
  9. C

    I added my furry to my open world game u_u

    I am Caulino, a one-man team, and I am developing an open-world game that allows you to explore freely and use magic to interfere in its story. Please read and understand before supporting! You have been dragged against your will into a new world. The game is set in a medieval fantasy world...
  10. Crayons Are Snacks

    GAME: Edit your question, Make the person who answers it look weird.

    I played this on Reddit one time and the results were hilarious. Here's how it works: Asker asks a question. It can be something like: "What would you do if a pack of rabid dogs was running at you?" Next comment answers and says something like: "Probably shoo them and aim a kick in their...
  11. pieterator

    Jitsu Squad - 4 Player Side Scrolling Brawler

    Hi everyone, I would like to present to you our newly launched game, Jitsu Squad! https://store.steampowered.com/app/1522080/Jitsu_Squad/ Story Play as one of four warriors, who have been cursed into animal form, in an attempt to seal away their incredible strength. Set off on a quest to...
  12. Beepsi

    What is your favorite CoD Zombies Perk? (Aside from Juggernaut)

    You heard that right, I am curious on what is your favorite perk in the classical game mode of Cod Zombies. I am more looking at World at War and Black Ops 1-3 perks; as I am only familiar with them. But you fellow furry gamers (or other) are allowed to state your favorite perk from ANY CoD...
  13. The_Dark_Skull

    Find a English Friend Furry artist!

    Hello! I have a question... I would like to know,where i can find a Friend or girlFriend on FA? Maybe Special FA profile or journal? I recently returned to the study of English language and my English in not good (i'm from Russia)...And I would be interested to get acquainted with who I have...
  14. Nexus Cabler

    Post the Last Character you were Playing as.

    Simple, just post what video game character you were playing as last, feel free to include what you were doing. I'll start, was exploring the Rust Commons as Roland in the remastered version. Spider-ants just pop up everywhere but Roland can regenerate ammo so I was having fun doing the spray...
  15. Paws the Opinicus


    A simple word game; Combine two (or maybe even more) creatures into a genetic mixture. Only rule is that the name of the resulting creature should be either a pun or a sniglet. "If you crossed a stoat and an aracari, would the gryphon that resulted be ... a dookan?"
  16. Punji

    Great Inventors of the FAF

    Create a wondrous invention to sell and make your millions! What could possibly go wrong? Suggested rules: Not actually useful, must seem like it's supposed to be. This one came to me in a dream. A children's toy shaped like a pink plastic walker with wheels and a tray on the top. It picks up...
  17. Faustus

    The Grassy Knoll Club

    Welcome to the Grassy Knoll Club! Invent your own conspiracy theory, urban myth or cryptid sighting and post it here! Me, I think Elvis was assassinated by the Pope's elite assassins. They bored a hole through his sewage pipe, waited for him to go to the loo, then shoved a fibre optic cable up...
  18. Nexus Cabler

    What costume is the user above you wearing?

    Tis the month for spookiness! That means wearing a fantastic costume, but what exactly? :pThe user below will decide :p So that begs the question....what am I wearing? :0c
  19. SaltedMcfluffy

    Hiring: ($150+) Looking for a Lua coder for potential long term work on a project

    Project: We're a small team creating a largely text-based adventure game, and are looking for a coder who'd like to work with us to bring it into the world! It'll be an 18+ adventure game with major RPG elements, a strong narrative, and a wealth of kinky content (think along the lines of CoC or...
  20. ABDL Miah

    “A Whole Week In Diapers!” [ FREE DEMO! ] ABDL Game by ADBLMiah [ 08/06/2021 ] ( English & Spanish )

    Good morning babys! My name is Miah, I am a video game creator who has started her career this year, right now I am developing an ABDL game on Patreon called “A Whole Week In Diapers”! If you want to know more about the video game you can download a Demo below, you can also visit Patreon...