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  1. larigot

    5 words each

    I'll start with 5 words. The next person also writes 5 words that must add to them in a logical way. The next person does the same, etc. A story should develop. Sooo... # High above the clouds, a
  2. Y

    Furry on Human Game

    Is there any game where a male human meets furry girls? It doesn't have to be an adult game, but I hope it does o( ̄w ̄)d
  3. KD142000

    Any train simulator fans?

    I drive trains...In Train Sim World 2. It's not my IRL job, but I suppose I have thought about it potentially being my IRL job. It's a simulation game that I've gotten really into, lately. I didn't expect to be so interested in it, especially since I once owned the previous instalment and...
  4. SolDirix

    Working on a retro-style fantasy anthro SHMUP

    Here's the gameplay video :3 It's being made in Python with the Python Arcade library and my own custom collision engine. Still in the early stages.
  5. Yakamaru

    Make a sentence with the last word in it

    This game is pretty simple, so bring out your creative minds! Here's an example: Person 1: There is nothing I want more than a nice cup of ice cream with chocolate! Person 2: Charlie and the chocolate factory was a very good movie. Person 3: Want to know about a good movie? Go check out the...
  6. Ember_Kamura

    Ember's 3D model thread!

    Ah! Hello everyone! I'll be uploading a model for my game, Project Southpaw. This is merely a model of one of the enemies that the player will encounter in the game, though I can also say that it probably qualifies as a form of 3D model art. I know that the model is indeed missing it's arms...
  7. otterpaws

    Caption that image!

    The rules are simple. Caption the image above you and then post an SFW funny or random image. I'll start. There is no image above me so I'll caption it: "Endless void, so lame". Caption this image:
  8. MainHammond

    Sketchbook: An idea for a game.

    Long time ago I read this presentation Kazutaka Kodaka (Danganronpa series) gave for the Game Developers Conference of 2015. Here he explains the process of creating a character (and also makes fun of the PS VITA). Link Below www.dualshockers.com: Danganronpa Creator Details His "Ordinary...
  9. ben909


    (Cult of the Party Parrot)
  10. Foxy Emy

    AYA: Ask Yourself Anything

    Ever asked yourself a question but never got a good answer from yourself? Yes... All the time! The rules are simple, answer the above sona's question AS IF you were them and ask your own. Since there is no poster for me, I will answer the ovid's question. Because I am gorgeous and make them...
  11. ben909

    tails, fluffy vs streamlined. a battle

    this was talked about in the predsvsprey thread yesterday, but now we will have a 4 sided offshoot based on tails, shattering old alliances and creating new ones this is done on an xy plane, the x axis is for people with no tails vs people with tails, although only people with more then one...
  12. C

    Level a country's stupiditly

    It is simply based off the Predators and prey thread game. Rules are simple. It goes: (Country's name) is 1 level stupid (Country's name) is 2 level stupid (Country's name) is -1 level stupid (Country's name) is 1 level stupid The stupidest wins with 20 score, and the smartest wins with -20...
  13. ben909

    things not to teach a parrot or parrotlet to say

    what are phrases that you think shouldn't be thought to parrots ... and before we run into trouble remember we can't post hate speach(we can but its not allowed so don't), so no teaching the bird racial comments it won't understand mine to start would be teaching it to say "iam gonna get...
  14. ben909

    king of the thread attempt

    (note its not really a king, its more like the game king of the hill) so this was an idea i had about what could become a game, its kind of infulenced by me misreading Would you beat the Avatar above you in a fight? as (try to) beat the Avatar above you in a fight? and also by the "last...
  15. Lunarthewolf

    I made a game about my fursona

    Please check it out, it's completely free: Game Jolt - Indie games for the love of it
  16. Fallowfox

    Name the above poster's future children.

    The poster above you has a happy family. They've just given birth to, adopted or otherwise procured sproggletly wriggling bablets. But what should they write on their birth certificates?
  17. nene

    Request: Wanted: Volunteers to create Dares and Art for a free application

    Hello! First of all, I hope I posted this to the correct forum.. thread.. what ever that word is. I've been slowly creating an application called fSexDare. This application currently works on android devices only. Will also make one for windows where own custom dares can be imported. For iOS...
  18. Feralteddy

    What's your favorite drawing in the gallery of the person above you?

    I'll start, of course. I hope we can get a whole chain going! You don't have to say why it's your favorite, just reply with either the title of the image or the drawing itself :) Artwork Gallery for feralteddy -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Scraps Gallery for SixBit -- Fur Affinity [dot] net...
  19. Earyna

    Request: Animator and Artists

    Project: Pony Game Details: It is a pony game, a classic RPG. It can be played solo, or with friends online. It is played in the browsers. The game will be free to play, Looking for: 1. Artist to make a wallpaper for it. 2. Artist(s) willing to draw some charachters. 3. Artist(s) willing...
  20. ChronoTheFurry

    Last one the post win's (revived?)

    This is a recreation of this thread: forums.furaffinity.net: Last post wins - A plot twist! There is no winner! It is a game where who ever posts last wins! I recreated it because it has begun to slow down and this is an attempt to revive it!