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  1. Pillowglitch

    Poster of Character + Background $20

    Animal, human, mecha, elemental, and anything challenging also welcomed. Free 3 characters + background + pose (of your choice or random surprise). [5 out of 5 slots remaining]
  2. KinkyDesign

    Kinkys mostly NSFW Art Dump, including Game-Art

    Hey there people with good taste, welcome to my Sketchbook, where i post different kind of things i create. p.s. i will also cry a little about my life as an Artist and my current Projects. to start things off, here are some pictures from,for and about my current Game Project. this is...
  3. Journeyful

    My Game, Blade Ballet, is Releasing - [PS4] [Steam]

    Hey Furs, My studio's first title (Blade Ballet) is releasing tomorrow on PS4 and Steam. I think we've made a very fun couch multiplayer experience and I hope it kicks ass out there. What is it? - An Online and Local multiplayer robot deathmatch with two other game modes (Soccer and...