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  1. Swivirx

    New gamertag wanted!

    I'm looking for a new unique gamertag that I can use for all consoles and PC. I'd like for it to start with an S, have less than 7 letters, be made up, and be easy to pronounce. Thanks for your consideration and I hope to hear from you all soon! - G
  2. Swivirx

    Please help! New username wanted!

    Hello! I am in need of a new username for all platforms of social media. I'd like for it to start with an S, have 6 letters in it, and be unique as possible. So unique that it has no results on sites like YouTube, Twitter, etc. I know that you're supposed to come up with these things on your...
  3. Its Maxx

    [Xbox One] Looking For Furry Friends c:

    Hey i'm Maxx or maxxypoo (idk its a nickname) I'm looking for furry friends on my new gamertag. I just started a fresh account so i dont have many friends at all and playing alone is boring :( my GAMERTAG is GayHuskyMaxx << Im fun. I have bo3, gta5, halo5, blackops 1, and moree. You can also...