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  1. M

    Unity Support

    So since Flash isn't going to be no longer accessible by the end of 2020 meaning companies like Microsoft, etc. will stop supporting Flash I want to know if Furaffinity will support other file game types like Unity and such in the future(?). Or does that cost money to make that happen? I ask...
  2. Koriekraiz13


    everyone has that one idea, that they would kill someone just to exist, if that be jojo's bizarre adventure but with truckers with pepsiman as a stand, or what ever you got. SHOW ME WHAT YOU GOT
  3. KushFox

    Morenatsu (The Re-Up)

    Greetings, my sexies, So... if nobody has ever heard of Morenatsu, just let it be known that it is one the better dating sims out there. It revolves around this boy that heads back to his hometown to meet up with his old 'beastmen' friends. The player succumbs to the nostalgiaof being...