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  1. Sodasats20


    It has officially been anounced in game informer that kh4 will be coming. Nothing can destroy my utter happiness that this sries will still be going strong.
  2. Sodasats20

    Anyone here play snipers vs thieves?

    I recently got into this game called snipers vs thieves, and was wondering if anyone on here played it? Because if so I have a public clan called thief wipers, already in the top ten but with only one member (me).
  3. Sodasats20

    The user above’s last 3 brain cells during an exam

    Basically you just post what you think the user above you is thinking about during a boring ass exam
  4. Trevorbluesquirrel


    Here's the pitch: ''A bundle of over 500 games, software, and zines from over 400 queer artists across itch.io.'' 588 programs total, $60, or a budget version, $10! Only until next week though! Currently at 78%, and 97%, of the goals! Like this post if you buy either bundle...
  5. Sodasats20

    Yo mama jokes

    Use yo mama jokes here, just label who their targeted at (These are just jokes) @Fatal yo mama so stupid, she thought Starbucks were space currency!
  6. Sodasats20

    Give me something and I’ll make comedy out of it

    Give me a subject and I’ll riff off of it
  7. KresiekTheFurry

    Game Ideas

    Hello to whoever is reading this, I'm currently making a furry style adventure/action game, I'll give a basic story overview on what this game is about. This game is about a furry who explores a dark world where it's almost been completely abandoned and he needs to defeat a "ghost furry" almost...
  8. KahzeArt

    Hey everyone

    It's been a while since I've posted here but I've been a furry for a long time and lost my account so I figured it would be nice to make a new introduction. I've been a furry since 2003, and more completely joined the fandom in 2007. Since then, I've done allot of commissions and made other...
  9. Trevorbluesquirrel


    Here's the pitch: ''Buy 992 items for $10 Regularly ~$6,553 Save 99%!'' That's right, you can get almost 1000 games and programs, at as little as a penny each! And the money goes to help the victims of The War in Ukraine! It's a win - win! Only until next week though! Currently, they're just...
  10. DemonHazardDeer

    Games and Loneliness

    So I'm a lonely person by nature. I'm an introvert, I have autism, and I just don't get along with a ton of people. The fact that I'm like this got me interested in a game centered around the concept of lonelyness, called Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Moon. It was a fairly obscure Wii...
  11. Punji

    Fun Turn-Based Strategy Games?

    A genre of games I seem to play a lot is turn-based strategy games. They can offer quite a lot of differing mechanics and gameplay even within their own set limitations of being turn-based, and have made for some of the greatest (or at least some of the most continuously fun) games I've played...
  12. GambleFur

    Looking for long term gaming community

    Hello, this is probably going to be a much larger post than I intend to, but here it goes. To sum this up before you continue reading, this is what I'm looking for; A European gaming community, small to medium sized in terms of members (not looking for a giant community hub with 1000s of...
  13. Nexus Cabler

    Easter Eggs

    Easter eggs are what we generally call things in games you come across that reference other games, television shows, popular events, movies, or anything really. (In Borderlands 2, there is a secret Minecraft area in the Caustic Caverns, filled with creepers and blocks to punch) Share some of...
  14. Nexus Cabler

    Body Horror

    My absolute favorite category of horror is the use of practical or digital effects in creating a terrifying creature or villain that emits shock from visual appearance. Some prominent and well deserved examples include John Carpenter's The Thing, Clive Barkers Hellraiser, Ridley Scotts alien...
  15. Nexus Cabler

    Hardest games you've played

    Alright, so looking back, I remember owning a Gameboy Advance (The 2001 version of your Nintendo Switch) and remembered getting a game called Iridion 3D It's graphics were incredible, and the concept was awesome, but my goodness, it was a heck of a hard game to beat. I never did make it to the...
  16. Nexus Cabler

    Horrible Gear and Items in Games

    Games can have a generous amount of useful and powerful weapons and items to use as you play, however, there are some that have dumb, impractical, or otherwise bad in design traits that leave us disappointed and angry. Let's archive all the junk in games that are unusable or leave a sour taste...
  17. RealLargeHeadMegaMind

    Give the user above you a weapon of mass destruction

    The weapon can be anything. Freeze ray, a bee colony the size of Florida etc It just needs to be massively destructive
  18. D

    Characters in video games you love

    Pretty simple topic, but it has a lot of potential. From all the video games you've played, what characters really caught your admiration, and caused you to love them, either emotionally, or through gameplay. One example for me was Mordecai from Borderlands. I love lots of the games...
  19. TyraWadman

    Memorable Quest/Sidequest/Character(s)?

    [Disclaimer: I know this is the Writing subforum, I just figured since it's about collecting research and not just your average game discussion, I'd throw it in here. Staff can move it if they feel it does not belong though, that I don't mind!] As the title suggests, what was your favorite...
  20. Yakamaru

    Forum Moments

    Some of you may have come across Discord moments on Discord, where screenshots are taken out of context and posted in its own channel for fun. Well, why not make a thread for the forum specifically? Here's my starting starting contribution: