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  1. Nexus Cabler

    Horrible Gear and Items in Games

    Games can have a generous amount of useful and powerful weapons and items to use as you play, however, there are some that have dumb, impractical, or otherwise bad in design traits that leave us disappointed and angry. Let's archive all the junk in games that are unusable or leave a sour taste...
  2. RealLargeHeadMegaMind

    Give the user above you a weapon of mass destruction

    The weapon can be anything. Freeze ray, a bee colony the size of Florida etc It just needs to be massively destructive
  3. D

    Characters in video games you love

    Pretty simple topic, but it has a lot of potential. From all the video games you've played, what characters really caught your admiration, and caused you to love them, either emotionally, or through gameplay. One example for me was Mordecai from Borderlands. I love lots of the games...
  4. TyraWadman

    Memorable Quest/Sidequest/Character(s)?

    [Disclaimer: I know this is the Writing subforum, I just figured since it's about collecting research and not just your average game discussion, I'd throw it in here. Staff can move it if they feel it does not belong though, that I don't mind!] As the title suggests, what was your favorite...
  5. Yakamaru

    Forum Moments

    Some of you may have come across Discord moments on Discord, where screenshots are taken out of context and posted in its own channel for fun. Well, why not make a thread for the forum specifically? Here's my starting starting contribution:
  6. Ravofox

    Your favorite Animal Crossing character

    So, most of us would by now be familiar with the deceptively simple-looking but outright amazing and addictive game that is AC. So, I thought, why not share our fave virtual huggable fellas from it. They can be villagers or any recurring characters. :) To start us off, let me introduce the...
  7. RoboticFreeze

    "Nighty Stories, Fiery World" Tabletop RPG 18+

    Hello. I know title would assume "Next FATAL wannabe" but before you stop reading let me try to interest you. "Nighty Stories, Fiery World" was created in the middle of creating another RPG. It was a normal fantasy setting, but we joked around we could add some NSFW elements. Not everyone was...
  8. Loganw314

    Oculus quest: VR chat

    I just got an oculus VR headset and while looking for furry-friendly/related games and while playing VR chat, I saw you can make your avatar a furry. Then I saw there was a whole server named "Furhub" soooooo I was wondering if anyone here plays that? Or has a VR headset? I ask because I...
  9. S

    It's a damn shame about dissidia nt

    Damn it I was hoping that dissidia nt has free roam but it don't unlike dissidia 012 this game has alot of free roam and a end game content. Dissidia nt is more focused exclusively for online gameplay I try the game it was fun but it wasn't like dissidia with classic tunes from classic final...
  10. S


    This game is hard as fuck i was about to blowup the generator
  11. UwUCarlaUwU

    Switch PFPs for a day

    i have an idea, what if everyone switched PFPs for a day? remember the rules are. You CANNOT say the other person's pfp is yours. You must say its theirs and that your using it for this game, only switch with the person above you, no one else ^^ have fun and stay furry!
  12. Fentanyl

    Serious Questions

    There are probably a bajillion variants of this game but I have not seen one with this exact idea in mind and so I have decided to propose a game idea: a serious question game. Premise: you should think about a difficult, complicated, or challenging question to ask the user below you. The...
  13. Spartan-666

    2020 releases you're looking forward to

    Which game or games releasing this year are you looking forward to the most? Mine is Doom Eternal. Honorable mentions include: Halo Infinite, The Last of Us Part II, Cyberpunk 2077, Final Fantasy VII Remake, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX, Destroy All Humans and Resident Evil 3.
  14. Fortress Maximus

    Acronym Using Your Name

    Use your name as a base for an acronym that describes your fursona, or you Example... Razorclaw R -Ridiculous A - Awful Z - Zoom O - Offensive R - Radical C - Conservative L - Lazy A - Asshole W - Wicked
  15. J

    Ended account, ignore it, please!

    There is nothing in there! Ended account!
  16. Rap Daniel

    Tiny details in video games you like

    In Ace Combat 7, if you fly through the explosion from destroying an enemy ship or a missile hitting the water, water droplets appear on the cockpit
  17. Leocrit

    My Top 10 Favorite Wolfman in Gaming

    The first Furry Game Reviews in October, and i'm doing Werewolves this year, and there are a lot of werewolves and wolfman in gaming over the years. So which one is my favorite out of all of them? Watch the video to find out.
  18. driftingdragon

    LISA: Feedback, Favorites, and Gameplay strategies.

    Hi everyone! LISA and the DLC LISA: The joyful is a common topic of conversation for those of you who know me well. I was just opening this thread to see how many other LISA fans are out there. And what you all have to say about it. One of my favorite things other than the diverse game-play...
  19. StealthMode

    SCP containment breach thread

    So do any of you guys play SCPCB? The game is a classic and I dont think I'll be forgetting it anytime soon!
  20. Koriekraiz13

    Rule of the gate

    This game is simple, I post a Rule, and you must match up with this rule to post, and you post another Rule, (Example) 1)post if your under 15 = must be under 15 to post. 2)post if your sonas a wolf= sona must be wolf So on so forth, P.s. don't be to detailed with it and don't spoil the fun...