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  1. Koriekraiz13

    Rule of the gate

    This game is simple, I post a Rule, and you must match up with this rule to post, and you post another Rule, (Example) 1)post if your under 15 = must be under 15 to post. 2)post if your sonas a wolf= sona must be wolf So on so forth, P.s. don't be to detailed with it and don't spoil the fun...
  2. Moar Krabs

    Ps vita/ PSP

    I recently found my old Ps vita along with the charger and fooled around with it for a bit. Have any of you guys owned a Ps vita or a PSP?
  3. Zombiy

    Any Lombax fans up in here?

    Hey guys! Wanted to see if there were any fellow Ratchet and Clank fanatics here? And hey if you're not, but you're curious, you're WELCOMED to this thread! :D And if ya'll rad peeps DO have Lombax art, PLEASE share it here (sfw only plz) Here's some of my fan-works to kick it off-
  4. Jackie_Attak

    Anyone play Ratchet and Clank?

    Hey there! I'm new here and have been wanting to meet some cool people! I wanted to ask if anyone has played Ratchet and Clank before! If you have, comment below your favorite game and character of the series!! If you ever want to discuss Ratchet and Clank or other games, or just chat/get...
  5. Rap Daniel

    What was your funniest moment playing games online?

    Mine was in Roblox when someone said to me: "u need to lern gramar" And I said: "Says the person who can't spell."
  6. Rap Daniel

    Me playing video games in a nutshell

    *plays Lego harry potter* *sees Draco Malfoy* *selects jinxes* *spams B* *admires a frozen, flowerheaded, dancing Malfoy* *plays Ace Combat 6* *plays as an Estovakian plane* *blows up every ally I can* *plays any game with first person* *flicks the camera around furiously*
  7. Koriekraiz13

    Prefered horror games

    What kind of horror games do you like? Post what's your favourite Maybe by creepiness or how good the game actually is if I had to say, scp containment breach, last year the nightmare and fnaf
  8. Draakc from State Farm

    What video game character does your fursona look most like?

    I would say mine would be Grim Matchstick from cuphead
  9. Miles Marsalis

    No Man's Sky

    I finally got a dedicated laptop with Window 10 foisted on me, so of course I'm taking advantage of it and probably playing a few games on it. I've wanted to play No Man's Sky for the longest time, so I ordered it and promptly realized I know very little about the actual gameplay. I'm basically...
  10. insertgenericnamehere1

    Mad libs round 2

    Well I'll consider the last game a success, so I'll start a round 2. =p Same rules with one modification. Here are the revised rules: 1. I have a blank mad libs story I downloaded. 2. Your job is to place a number for the blank word and fill it in appropriately with any word that comes to...
  11. insertgenericnamehere1

    Mad Libs

    So I kinda got the idea from a few of these threads. I think it would be fun to play some Mad-Libs. This is one of my favorite games for teaching English, and I think one of the best drinking games XD Here are the rules: 1. I have a blank mad libs story I downloaded. 2. Your job is to place...
  12. S

    Best (or Most Interesting) Furry games?

    Periodically I scour the internet for interesting furry games. I'm not talking about things like Ratchet & Clank or Crash Bandicoot. I'm looking for games made by the community. Specifically I'm interested in proper 3D games. I like "Amorous" as much as the next fur but I'm getting tired of the...
  13. KittyKat805

    What Was The Last Thing You Listened To!

    Ok so this is simple. Not sure if it’s a thing or not, but I’m starting my own! All you do, is say what the very last song, album, or artist you listened to was, and how long that was, and maybe include a vid of it for others to watch/listen! Example: I’m listening to a song called Monster...
  14. PhobosDthorga

    Poll: Help us decide on new game server locations!

    We are trying to decide on locations for some new, high performance game servers where we'll then be offering services of the sort to the furry and otherkin communities! Please help us decide by voting at the link below (it's just a simple poll) ^ ^ blog.gekkofyre.io: Poll: Game Server...
  15. AcerbicSeth

    Games With the Worst Grind

    Figured this would be a good thread to start, since complaining is fun. ;) What's the most grindy game you've ever played?
  16. A

    Video Games With Your Significant Other

    To say that my most recent breakup was a rough one would be a massive understatement as the reasoning behind it was much worse than simple arguments. I do, however, have many positive memories associated with that relationship with one of those being the few times we played video games together...
  17. Aika the manokit

    song parodies

    The rules are simple, take a song of your choice, make a short parody of it. (If this is against the rules, warn me)
  18. Andifferous

    Art of Andifferous

    Hey everyone, figured I'd throw some of my art up here, because why not. So, I absolutely love the game Planet Coaster, so here's a picture I did of one of the game's Mascot Characters, Gulpee Rex: Here's a pic of my OCs/sorta-'sona, Lilly and Violet, having a disagreement over choice of...
  19. The Matte-Black Cat

    Favorite video game characters

    Post some facts, info, etc on your fav video game characters..Or just post why ya like em.. ...Or just state who they are.. Mine are - Marth, Aka The Hero-King Aka Marthy Aka Mars (from the anime - even though it was awful) Aka The greatest character in Smash Bros History Gladiolus...
  20. The Matte-Black Cat

    Pre-ordering crap before Christmas

    Once upon a time, the Electric Blue 2 colored 2DS came out..My dumb behind decided to get it delivered Right around Christmas time..It was only a couple of weeks ahead. After days upon days of searching, I finally managed to find one online at good ol' Best Buy. I paid for it, and expected it...