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  1. Nihles


    @Simo this is what FAF really wants to know! What are all your thoughts? Who is the muskiest? This highly scientific poll will help us find out!
  2. MetroFox2

    Show Me Your Thicc Junctions

    So I'm a fan of the railways, and anything railway related, so I thought I might start this thread dedicated to games about railways! Games like OpenTTD, Transport Fever, Locomotion, etc. I thought this could be used to share screenshots of railway related games and/or just discuss them. Sounds...
  3. Moar Krabs

    Give a different Fursona to the person above you

    As the title says, give a different Fursona to the person above you.
  4. snizard

    What do you think about the newest assassins creed games?

    I think that the brand is losing gamers..
  5. OrimaGryph

    Project: Furry, a new take on Furry Discord Servers!

    Our Mission Statement: Project: Furry is a community dedicated to listening and catering to the needs of our users. The people that make up this community are the single most important thing to us, and maintaining a social environment that people want to actually be in is our ultimate goal. We...
  6. BaoBun

    Spyro Remakes

    I honestly can't wait for these remakes, I'm borderline crying in anticipation for these!
  7. CastielTsuki

    New Discord

    Hello there! want to make new friends? Then come join this discord were we are new and growing to help connect people and to help make lige long friends! Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers If you need a new one message me!
  8. KushFox

    Shin Megami Tensei: Dx2 Liberation

    So I have been waiting quite awhile for this game and it's so good. You'll want this! It oozes quality and original Jap. voice acting! <3 Also, the remnants of the SMT: Imagine Online community have taken refuge in this sanctuary. This is my info if any of you want to find me...
  9. RunRuben

    Just me or BF5...

    Is it just me or does battlefield 1 and battlefield 5 look exactly the same??!
  10. Narri

    Make a pun out of the user above you

    Exactly as it sounds 3,2,1, PUNS!!!!
  11. Joy

    Colorist/Character Designer looking for job!

    Hello Everyone! I go by TotallyTits: Userpage of TotallyTits -- Fur Affinity [dot] net I am a small art business owner and a character designer. I enjoy selling character designs, fashion designs and commissions for anyone who is interested. I love making people happy with my artwork! I am...
  12. I

    What is the avatar above you thinking?

    So basically, you look at the avatar above you and write what you think is going through their mind. You can also post a picture to describe it if you want!
  13. Reserved_Krolik

    Do you play MMOs?

    I've recently gotten back into Neverwinter, myself.
  14. Asassinator

    Mario Oddysey: Was it good?

    I loved Mario Oddysey, especially Weegee World. What are your thoughts?
  15. Shyga

    metal accessories

    Hello! I'm offering pendants and brooches made out of metal. I sure hope to soon have more options to offer, like small bead animals and pyrography stuff, but for now only those metal ones c: Here you may see my price-list:
  16. Aaron U Pictus

    WildPictus keen to find new gaming freinds

    Hey all of you! :D So I am technically still new to the steam gaming world and haven't many furs to play games and discord with. I am keen to meet some of you and perhaps make a good few friends along the way ^_^ If you're keen let me know! My Steam ID is: Steam Community :: WildPictus And my...
  17. E

    I wanna play with furrfriends!

    Hey! My steam username is "Ezekiel the dragon" You can look up what games we have in common. I love to voice chat and we can even play something like skyrim and just voice chat and chill! Looking forward to meeting you! >w<
  18. J

    Tag someone you love

    Its been saltier than a salt shaker here, we need some sugar! Tag someone and tell them why you love them.
  19. G

    2 truths and a Lie

    Always thought this was a fun game.. Rules are simple, you guess the POY's lie, and then add your own! Have fun I'll go first I have blue eyes I've never seen Forrest Gump I've never run more than 10 miles
  20. Beatle9

    Overlooked games

    This is a threat about games that you really like that you just don't think get the attention they deserve. This isn't an "underrated" thread, but an "overlooked" thread. Good games that people just don't seem to pay attention to. I guess I'll start by mentioning a game called Urban Chaos: Riot...